Untidiness is one IDEA of Art

Photo with Lao language
Laziness and mess are sources of IDEA

As the form CEO of Microsoft said a long time ago that “ I always chose the lazy men to finish the work, because they would always find the easiest way to do it”

If you want any Idea, do not look as many people do. In the sight of the artist, they can see the difference in the same of the massive.

How Can you see the Difference?

To get started is very easy. To do that is only your thinking with WH- question word.

For example: if you are in the coffee shop, ask yourself that WHY they placed tables and chairs like this? Why does it differ from what you do and many people do in your and their houses?

As the Photo above, I wrote that what reason that they hang up the lamp in different level and what would happened if they hang them up in the same level? Imagine… it will very common and absolutely not interesting. Yes, that is not kind of art.

If you want to see the difference, ask the question with WH- question word. Then you will see something different.