I can not believe it, I'm 20 years old now man this sucks, I don't want to be an adult and do adult things. I'm so glad I Hit the big 20 in my life, what should I do? What should I make? What career should I…

yall like his new lip piercing?

Why are people on Jungkook’s head today like the man can’t even breathe without someone messing with him? he seems to have gotten in some ‘ back-door advertisement ‘.

So apparently Jungkooks older brother has a clothing line that hasn’t or is getting ready to launch in Jungkook the nice…

I love this photo

Being a K-pop fan has its perks: you get to meet new people, make new friends and have the same interests as others all around being comfortable.

but as you know having a fandom has its bad side as well, in the beginning, it’s all fun in dandy, as time…

I love this on Lisa she looks badass.

First of all, I know you saw the title don’t come for me yet, I love ‘ LALISA ‘ but I feel like the verse could change just a little bit or change her flow on the middle verse like it was a bit boring in easy to forget but…


Short writer, K-pop opinionated, K-pop appreciated. The end :)

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