I woke up today

It’s Tuesday

I have this migraine

In my head oh it pains

It goes pound pound pound

It continues to drum

There is no cure so pass the rum

I woke up but I just want to sleep so I can be numb

I woke up this way

I toss and turn as I lay

My thoughts are fleeting

My power is weakening

It feels so defeating

I don’t want to get up so I pray

Help me God I’m losing my way

I have to push through

Make sure I stay close to you

Even if it’s not what I want to do

Cause my heart is trying to obey

I’m not trying to betray

I wish to walk the right way

I’m blinding myself I believe

Please grant me some relief

From myself and my grief

I was born this way

With a desperate heart that wanders stray

I fight to keep it penned each day

I fight to keep my thoughts pleasant

Try hard not to focus on what I resent

I’ve got to straighten out my mind it’s all bent

I’m never feeling okay

A sick feeling in my stomach that stays

Mostly little tugs and churns

Sometimes my eyes burn

I’m only trying to learn

Trying to save a life

Let me forget the annoying strifes

Love me I say

Add light to my sky before its all grey

Feed me a hug and kiss

Wish I was blinded by bliss

Instead of my state of ungratefulness


One day

One step

Gotta get a grip


I will pray

I will say

Thank you

I love you

I’m not giving in too

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