Sugars Worth Getting Addicted to

Hello world! We are Sugarlogix.

We are reinventing the concept of sugar. Conventional types of sugars, such as table sugar and fructose, are notorious for causing various diseases. However, there also exists in nature good, healthy kinds of sugars!

How are they good? Instead of feeding you and thus adding to your daily intake of calories, our sugars feed the bacteria living in your gut, and they feed only the good ones. This does not only make the good bacteria happy, but also makes you happy as well — because having the right, beneficial bacterial microbiome in your gut is critical to your overall health.

The bad kinds of bacteria secrete endotoxins in your gut, which then permeates through the lining in your gut and triggers inflammation. Therefore, having a high population of the harmful bacteria can lead to diseases like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), many autoimmune diseases like lupus, diabetes, etc.

This enhancement of the right bacterial microbiome by good sugars is critical to us from as early as when we are born and all throughout our lives. One example of these healthy sugars exist in.. guess where.. us (humans)! 10% of human breast milk consists of the good sugars that specifically feed the infant’s microbiome.

Now you might be wondering.. how does this compare to all the probiotic and prebiotic containing supplements and food products out there? First, let me clarify the terminology: probiotics are the good bacteria, and prebiotics are effective food for the good bacteria.

There are many food products, such as Kombucha, yogurt, and kimchi that contain probiotics. Probiotic supplements are also easy to spot in stores (at least in Berkeley where I live). However, probiotics cannot thrive without the right kind of food: prebiotics.

Our healthy sugars fall into the prebiotics category, and it has the potential to become one of the most effective prebiotics! And allow me to brag about our technology a little — we have a means of making these complex, healthy sugars in a cost-effective and food-safe method.

Equipped with a robust technology and wholesome sugars, we are aiming high. We hope to spread our healthy sugars to disseminate wholesomeness to all corners of the world.