Rapid Integration with UltraStudio: Adding Custom Resources to project.xpml

  • when we want to use JMS ingress or egress connectors which use ActiveMQ, we have to add ActiveMQ Configuration beans to this file.
  • when we want to use a database processor or connector in the integration flow, we have to add data source configurations to this file.
  • Source queue: provide the name of an ActiveMQ queue from which the input message will be picked up (we can create the actual queue later on).
  • Connection Factory: we need a JMS connection factory resource in order to establish connections with the source queue; however, since we have not defined any such resources yet, the drop-down list is empty at the moment.
  • JMS Destination: provide the name of the ActiveMQ queue to which you wish to send the transformed message. (ActiveMQ will create a new queue at runtime, if there is no existing queue for the given name.)
  • JMS Template: we need to select a JMS template resource here; but similar to the Connection Factory configuration in the listener, we do not yet have a candidate for this drop-down list as well.

1st way — Through the XML (Text) view, adding resources manually

2nd way — Through the Design view

3rd way — Through a Custom Template

4th way — Through the built-in ActiveMQ JMS Template

  • ensure that you have selected myJmsTemplate-activeMQ-springCachingConnectionFactory as the Connection Factory (as opposed to myJmsTemplate-activeMQ-ConnectionFactory).
  • on the Transaction tab, select myJmsTemplate-activeMQ-ultraTxnManager as the transaction manager (instead of myJmsTemplate-activeMQ-jmxTxnManager).
  1. Input the source queue (which you specified for the JMS listener) as the Destination Name.
  2. Fill the Payload input with a sample JSON message (or select a JSON input file using the Import button).
  3. Click the Settings (wrench) button.
  4. Select the ActiveMQ option under JMS Configuration.
  5. Fill in the Hostname (localhost) and Port (61616) configurations.

Stay tuned for more adventures with UltraStudio!




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Sugeesh Chandraweera

Sugeesh Chandraweera

Software Engineer

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