You said life was random disproved any theory of why things happened.
Stephen Kent Gray

I think we are not on the same page.

Whatever you have said is absolutely correct and I nowhere am refuting the cause and effect. It definitely exists and but my friend please understand, Law of karma is not this.

Law of Karma states that if you are miserable right now, it is because of something bad that you did to someone in this life or in your previous life.

This is not just cause and effect, its something beyond that which doesnt encompass this life buy supposedly your previous lives as well.

If you believe in this law of karma, can you please tell me the cause of the pain of a child born with downs syndrome, or somebody with disabilities, some child who at the age of 3 was raped by some psychopath, some mother who lost her child, some people who are born so poor, that they die of hunger.

I just want to understand their cause of misery by this law of karma . What is the reason for all this misery in the world ? What have these people done so wrong to have caused them so much pain ?

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