Life Hack : 6 simple steps to make your life truly memorable.

We all know that we have a limited time on earth and we don’t know when will it be our last day. So before it ends we need to make sure that we have lived to the fullest.

How to perfectly live your life ? This question has been troubling me since childhood.

Sometimes I feel I should find a goal and devout my life to it (the stoic attitude), then there are times, I feel I should have fun every single moment and don’t worry about the rest of the stuff (epicurean temperament).

I traveled extensively, read books, fell in love, out of love, set goals-missions, failed at some, accomplished some. I introspected to understand what gives meaning to my life, or for that matter to anyones life.

So, here are the 6 simple steps to live a deeply fulfilling and a memorable life.

1. Journey

Understand, life is a journey. The goals are just like the milestones in that journey. While the milestones, destinations decide your route, once you have decided where you want to go, stop obsessing about it too much. Life is not the milestone.

Focus now on creating the best journey ever. Have fun on your way to your destination as in the end the journey matters, not the destination. As that journey is your life, not that point, that milestone, that destination.

2. Pause and Look around

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

You can find joy in anything and everything around. For a moment pause from your day to day activities and experience the wind, the rain, the snow. Experience the beauty of a sunrise or the calmness of a sunset. Experience this miracle called life.

In moments like these, just being a part of this planet in this universe will matter more to you than anything else. Doesn’t matter the next moment you live or die. Feel these moments to the entirety.

3. Stop Comparing

For every 10 things you have, there always will be 1000 things that you wont have. Stop comparing your conditions, your circumstances with that of others.

You at this moment have all the desired things to make your life truly memorable. Leverage your position. Sadly, most people can’t stop looking at the other side of the fence. They fail to realise the brilliant possibilities currently available to them.

Focus on the things you have now and how you can use those things to achieve what you want; rather than obsessing about things that you don’t have, sulking about those and blaming God and situations for your misery.

4. Gratitude

We generally have a very negative outlook towards life. We value negativity a lot more than positivity. If something good happens to someone, people rarely thank people, or God or the situation for that matter, which resulted in the occurrence of that event. On the contrary, when something bad happens, we blame people, we blame circumstances, we blame even God for being unfair.

Lets take a different outlook. In Vedas and in all the ancient scriptures it is mentioned that we have taken birth to suffer. Moksha, Nirvana or Salvation is the liberation from the cycles of life and death.

So suffering in this life is normal, its expected, Its the way its supposed to be. Whenever we are not suffering, we should be grateful to God, to nature, to circumstances, to people or whatever we believe in is responsible for that good time.

5. Find your meaning

This is the most important thing. Human brains are wired in a way that we need a reason, a meaning to everything. We keep searching for a meaning to life in this meaningless world. To read more on this: Leo Tolstoy on this topic

Even though it doesn’t mean anything even then, we need a meaning. We need a story. What we did in our life. So, know what you want your life to mean and then do things accordingly.

There are important things to know before entering the conflict of what our lives should mean. So, as Daniel Kahnman mentions in his findings (Reference), there are two entities inside our head. The experiencing self and the remembering self.

It might happen that the experiencing self is enjoying but the remembering self has no significant memories. Like for example you are partying, having fun with friends and this is happening for say a year. So even though you had a lot of fun through out the year, but while looking back, your remembering self, as it doesn’t have a story will make you feel useless, like you have wasted your entire year with nothing meaningful.

This has happened to all of us. Isn’t it ?

So an important thing to note here is that we have to give our remembering self a story, a reason of why we did what we did.

This WHY is really important

At the end, when we leave the world, what we have is the remembering self and the entire life will flash in front of our eyes, like a movie. Lets make sure, we are the ones that have decided the script in advance, and also lets make sure that that story, that movie is a memorable one.

6. Love

Matthew O’Reilly in his ted talk mentions that most of the people on their deathbed never wish that they could have worked some extra hours, they could have earned some more money. All they say is that they could have loved more, spend some more time with their loved ones. They could have had not been very selfish with their time.

Love, people keep searching for true love, their entire life. Well, believe it or not, the feeling of loving someone truly, selflessly is far more satisfying and fulfilling that the feeling of being loved. To love someone truly, you need to be immersed in love, to lose the sense of self, give yourself to the other person in your entirety. Once you do that, you will feel that there is nothing more beautiful, more serene, more pure than this feeling.

All men fear death. It’s a natural fear that consumes us all. We fear death because we feel that we haven’t loved well enough or loved at all, which ultimately are one and the same.
Woody Allen

Love is a liberating force from all these worldly things, from life and death, from happiness and sorrow, its takes you above all this. In its purest forms it is like experiencing God in true sense.

And mind it, Love is not just for a person. Love can be for your work, for your country, for anything. Love is not defined. Love can be for that friend of yours, or for that lover, for your parents, or for your children, or may be for a cause. Love can be for anything.

In the end love for someone/something will give meaning to your life.

So love truly, completely and selflessly, and let it engulf you, for if not love what else is life, for if not love what else is God.