These days the term ‘entrepreneur’ is the most misused and glamorized one. Everyone wants to be CEO of their own company. Media has shown so much buzz around this, that everyone feels like this is the shortcut to success, fame and lots and lots of wealth. This has resulted in a huge number of people entering into the field without even actually having an idea abut what it is about.

So here are some of the things that you should know before entering in this field :

A BIG NO. You should not choose to start something of your own if you want to earn money, accumulate wealth. You can earn far more being an investment banker or a politician.

People forget that even the 100th employee at facebook has more wealth than 99% of silicon valley entrepreneurs.

Also, people like Bill gates, Steve Jobs who gained tonnes of money donated it or never actually used it in their lifetime, which shows that most successful entrepreneurs never actually entered into this for the love of money.

So, If you are doing it for money, you should reconsider.

You start something because you care about something, deeply, and that is what that will make the difference .This will keep you going because journey of an entrepreneur is not how rosy as it seems . You will go through steep highs and lows, and for you to survive you need to care deeply about the thing that you are building. It will be like a mission, to make something happen. So make sure that the thing that you are starting, you are really passionate about that thing and that is what you want to do for at least next 5-8 years.

I can’t promise you money , I can’t promise you fame , but I can surely promise you the feelings, the emotions that you have never felt before. It is like sitting on a roller coaster ride 24x7 ☺. You will be giving your sweat, blood and tears to your start-up, and it will be like your baby and nothing like seeing it grow. In start-up you will have to do things that you never thought you would .

For my start-up, I did all kind of things such as coding, marketing my product, handling sales and customer support, delivery, logistics and this is something you will hear all entrepreneurs say, that there were times when they had to do things they never imagined they will and what kept them going was the passion, the zeal to make something happen. Those are the most exciting times as it drives you out of your comfort zone and in the process you realize who you are. And when I look back, these are the feelings that no one can ever take from you. That is yours, that will be yours forever. You feel like you have really lived all these years.

If you are at working at some MNC you will see, years will pass and when you look back, it will feel like a blank slate with no memories, no emotions. Nothing . Numbness. It is as if you haven’t been living, just existing. Where as in a start-up or for things that you deeply care about, in those things you will have thousands of memories. A simple appreciation of your product, your first customer, your first press coverage, your struggles, your achievements, all these small things mean everything to you and everything feels so real, so profound.

You work for your faith, for your belief in something and these are the emotions , these are the feelings that make us feel we are alive, that make us realize who we are, Human.

This is the best time of your life, Not that 30's would be bad or something but come on, 20's are the best, you will never be as young as energetic as you are now and you don’t want to spend best part of your life, clueless, working for somebody for 10 years and realizing that this is not what you wanted, this is not what you imagined how your life would be.

Live your life on your terms, get bruised, get burnt; For this is the journey called life and it will happen only once, So let this be outstanding; the way YOU want it to be. Don’t let the voice of the outside world silence the voice inside you; listen to your true calling.

Ask yourself, what is your motivation for doing this ? coz the answer to this will keep you going despite hard times and moments of self doubt, the thicks and the thins of this amazing entrepreneurship journey.

Being in a job you must have realized there is only so much you can do. In entrepreneurship, world is your playground, do whatever you want to do, you don’t have to wait for anyone's approval. You do what you believe in.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see”.

Well this is what entrepreneurship is all about.

So what are you thinking, If you want all this, and are really passionate about some idea, don’t wait. Build a prototype, start testing your idea, but don’t wait. Don’t worry about things like how you will figure out technology, finance, funding, team, operations. You will learn all those things along the way.

Hope this article helped you get some perspective and If you need any help in starting up, brainstorming the idea or any issue regarding this, you can reach out to me☺.

Director @wheelseye | Ex-VP Product and Design at TravelTriangle, Ex UrbanLadder | Previously founded plovist, a platform for visual artists