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The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. But as much as we want to stay home, there would be a need for us to go out and get the essentials, grocery items or some other important work. A very important thing here is if you are feeling low or have a cough, or fever, please stay home.

I created this 10 points consolidated checklist for myself and hopefully this is helpful to you guys as well. Reference is CDC, AIIMS, and other medical sites.

Here is the checklist :

1. Preferably wear a…

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Co-edited by @ShivaniKoul, Ayurvedic Doc by profession, doing her MD in Ayurvedic medicine

I can’t emphasize enough how critical the situation is right now. COVID19 is literally like fighting WW-III, where the enemy is far more dangerous and invisible; and we need to fight it with everything we have got.

One of the hidden power in our ammunition could be the power of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing.” So the first thought that came…

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I am sure this thought would have crossed each one of you that how can you be of help apart from just the social distancing which you are already doing. Is there any way you can contribute to eliminating one of the gravest situations that the country has faced post-independence.

We need to know that the entire country is formed by individuals, which form families, which form communities and institutions, which then form the entire country. Here is a detailed list of things where you can contribute at this time of crisis:

1. Yourself

First and foremost, you need to help the…

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Everyone is saying don’t touch your face but no one is saying HOW. Here are 2 simple tricks that you can do to avoid fomite-mediated Corona transmission.

First, here are video/pics of officials warning us not to touch our faces to stop corona spread

TravelTriangle’s Productscape

TravelTriangle(TT) is an online holiday marketplace that connects travelers to multiple local travel agents to help them create a memorable holiday.

Holidays are a complicated entity involving many moving parts. It involves finalization of destination, cities, flights, hotels, activities, sightseeing, cabs, dates, budget, company, agents. All this finalization happens in different sequence for different people. For some budget finalization comes first, for others activity finalization. At each step there are multiple factors involved in finalization. An additional level of complexity is added by multiple actors like travelers, agents, travel advisors and multiple product and telephonic interactions.

Due to manifold complexity…

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Growth is endless pursuit and I am not going to talk philosophies here. Post is focused on — Accelerating growth in an area which you have identified.

A strange loop arises when, by moving only upwards or downwards through a hierarchical system, one finds oneself back to where one started. It arises from the concept known as Tangled Hierarchies. Instead of linear progression, these hierarchies balance on each other.

These are ubiquitous; omnipresent, everywhere.

In GEB, Hofstadter gives some examples of these in Bach’s Canon per Tonos, M. C. Escher’s drawings Waterfall, Drawing Hands, Ascending and Descending, and the liar paradox as examples that illustrate the idea of strange loops, which is expressed fully in the proof of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem.

It can be seen in Möbius…

We in our lives take decisions at every step, there is no escape from that. Even not taking a decision at times is a decision we make. We judge people, situations and things around consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes these judgements are logical, thought through and sometimes these are without any base, logic, just random irrational behaviour we as humans exhibit. These are as a result of multiple biases we have.

These biases are there in each one of us and we encounter it on a day to day basis. …

These days, companies must have a strong online presence to justify the uniqueness of their products. This is exactly where the need of an appealing and streamlined digital product design comes into play. It’s like the face of an online business that can attract or repel users. Therefore, it has to be unbeatable.

An effective digital redesign of your product can take its digital presence to newer heights. In addition to enhancing user experience, digital revamp can add value to what you are already offering online.

In this blog post, I will run you guys through the entire step-by-step journey…

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Disclaimer : This article is intended to be more of a discussion where I would need and appreciate inputs from the readers.

Let me first explain what I mean when I say ‘great’ products. These are the products that you as a consumer or as a business, love. They solve your everyday problems in a way that they become indispensable. They focus on you and your problems, and with their design, simplicity, and seamless flow, create that aha! moment by exceeding your expectations. …

Suhaas Kaul

Director @wheelseye | Ex-VP Product and Design at TravelTriangle, Ex UrbanLadder | Previously founded plovist, a platform for visual artists

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