Delhi, Say hi to Sewa cab

Delhi, your Sewa cab has arrived now! Now you can use the Sewa cab app or hail to get ride that give you an affordable and convenient cab ride.

That’s not enough, Sewa cab has additional feature in their system to give more convenient ride-

  1. Hail n Go feature that give you service when you are out of Internet connection.
  2. No surge price, take a ride that fit your pocket.


How to hail a Sewa cab :

  1. Just board the cab.
  2. Provide your number to the driver.
  3. He will punch the number in the app and the fare meter will start.

Isn't it easy and time saving?

Sewa cab is live in Delhi-NCR from April 2017, and will be one of the most affordable transportation options in the city, with fares as low as Rs 5/km for Eeco cars and Rs 6/km for Alpha cars.