“Sewa cab” best source of transport in Delhi-NCR


Many are aware of the fact that cabs are the most important source of transport in Delhi-NCR. Initially, Uber and Ola was the only cab services in Delhi-NCR, and there was no oppose-able services. Apart from having no rival in this field these cab services has many errors in their system. Which had become the cause of trouble for so many customers. After the rape case in Uber, safety had become the first priority. Eventually, people has stopped using Uber and Ola cab service.

Recently, a new cab service has started in Delhi-NCR named Sewa cab. Sewa cab has launched with additional feature and facility to give immense satisfaction to their customers.

There are reasons why I believe that Sewa cab is the best service in Delhi-NCR.

Additional feature

1. Hail n Go( ROKO OR CHALO )

Hail n Go is a additional feature that has been installed in Sewa cab. In that feature you are just required a valid phone number to access with it. And you can hail the cab from your door step and go to destination. As it’s a additional feature you can also access to Sewa cab with its app, which can be downloaded from Play store.

2. No Surge Price

All the other cab services charge surge prices. But on the other hand Sewa cab has no surge price. It is so reasonable that charges only Rs. 6/km.

3. No waiting of cab arrival

This is true that time is money and money is time. In other cab service, cabs take time to arrive at your destination and they have no Hail n Go feature. So you might wait a lot for the arrival of Uber or Ola cab. But on the other hand, in Sewa cab service you don’t need to wait any more for the cab arrival, just hail the cab and enjoy your ride.

Many people have switched to Sewa cab because of the satisfaction of its service.