Byteball — What’s happening? — April 2018

Can’t deny the truth.

Welcome to the fourth monthly Byteball update in 2018. If you missed the previous recap it can be found here.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Byteball yet, I recommend you to check out the website. Even better, read the whitepaper. Still have questions? Check out the new & improved wiki.

For those of you already familiar with Byteball, here we go:


One of the most heard criticisms of Byteball, aside from the name of course, is that there is no team page, but even worse, no roadmap! Where is this platform going, what are we going to get in Q4 2018? Everybody has a roadmap! How can we take this crypto seriously without some kind of plan!?

Well, have I got news for you. The whitepaper is the roadmap, Tony & Co. are quietly releasing everything described in there, piece by piece. Instead of a roadmap full of shiny promises we get pages full of release notes containing loads of features that just work.

What everyone else has promised, Byteball has already made.

Good for you, but nobody knows you

OK, so we have this great product, loaded with awesome features but hardly anyone has heard of it. Sounds like a problem. Let’s try to fix that by offering a small reward to new users who invest a little time to learn about the platform.

Telegram Quiz Bot

So, on March 26th, Byteball launched a Telegram bot that allows users to pass a small quiz and get a reward in Bytes. It is paid from the undistributed funds.

Let’s start with a $5 reward, wait make that $2.50, no $0.25, uhm yeah let’s settle on $0.05. Thanks cheaters.

It has humor too.

Anyway, the amount doesn’t matter, even $0.05 is more than enough to play around with Fun-Coins. The point is to get some more people enthusiastic about Byteball, while learning a thing or two about it.

The ‘reward’ (let’s still call it that) is paid as a textcoin, which is also a way to show new users one of the most unique features and demonstrate how well Byteball integrates with chat applications.

Didn’t try it yet? Go go go!

Other marketing & distribution experiments

Besides the Telegram Quiz Bot a Bitcointalk Signature Campaign and a Twitter Campaign were introduced recently. Both are funded by the undistributed funds. We’ll have to wait and see whether these efforts will have any lasting effect. There is no guaranteed road to success in cryptoland so it’s nice to see different things are being tried. You can only lose if you give up.

Distribution to verified emails

With wallet release version 2.2 an email attestation bot was also launched. It allows to link your email address to your Byteball address.

It also pays a $10 reward for attesting an email on one of the whitelisted domains:


More domains eligible for rewards will be added, most important requirement being that the issuance of email addresses is strictly controlled to prevent (most) abuse.

You can read all about it here.
Make sure to check out this tutorial by Wekkel as well.

It’s getting quite popular in Estonia!

Byteball Exchange Bot

We already have unique tools for ICOs on the Byteball platform, for example, they can easily KYC all their customers or limit access to tokens only to non-US investors. One part that was missing until now is liquidity of the tokens.

Investors are more likely to invest when they know that it will be easy to sell the tokens whenever they want. With conditional payments, it is very easy to do secure P2P trades, but you still need to find a counterpart for the trade.

On March 23rd Byteball launched an exchange bot that is available right inside the wallet, can be easily found in the Bot Store, and allows ICOs to get instant liquidity of their tokens before they list on traditional exchanges.

Read the full article here.

Coming soon: contribute to cancer research and earn Bytes

A Bitcointalk member shared a great idea to spread some of the undistributed funds where everyone can participate and do something good.

With WorldCommunityGrid you can leverage your free computing power for meaningful projects and research, like fighting cancer and diseases. Anyone can set up the software in a few minutes and contribute processing power.

Basically meaningful PoW. Tony really liked the idea and promised he’s going to do it. So more info & details coming soon.

Coming soon: legal entity in Switzerland/Liechtenstein

To grow strategically you need a budget to make short term and medium term plans. From the team:

“We will be converting some allocated funds to Fiat for upcoming expenses on conferences, travel and logistics. To operate and handle Fiat, as well as tax payment you need a legal entity. For potential partners, this is also a requirement, this includes corporations and some exchanges.”

This will allow Byteball to raise marketing and business development to the next level.


Yes, it must happen. No, it won’t happen fast. We need your help though. People aren’t exactly lining up to become witnesses.

First: hardly anyone knows what witnesses are and what their function is and second: nobody knows what the requirements are. So please read this page first and once you do, help us approach some good candidates.

Have a candidate that meets the requirements? Want to become a witness yourself? Join our Slack and come discuss the possibilities.

A new ICO on the Byteball platform

After Titan Coin and Silent Notary a new ICO was released recently called Worldopoly.

Worldopoly is the world’s first mobile game combining AR, AI, Geolocationing, Blockchain, and DAG. The ICO is active until 17 May 2018, and you can buy WPT tokens with Bytes, BTC, or Ether.

The WPT token is issued both on the Byteball and Ethereum platforms but investors on the Byteball platform receive an increased bonus (even if they pay in ETH or BTC) for investments up to 30 ETH.

This is a Swiss company.

The Wordopoly ICO Bot is already added to the Bot Store.

Binaryballs is killing it

The cool thing about not having a roadmap but loads of stuff that actually just works is that you can go try out binary trading on the Byteball platform right now, not in Q4 2018!

More than 250GB has already been traded on and that number is growing faster and faster.

Be warned though, binary trading is not for the faint of heart, you can quickly gain 187% but just as easily lose 100%, all within the hour. So be careful and start with 1MB trial bets, see if you like it.

Seb486 (of stress test fame) wrote a really nice article about this unique binary trading platform, go give it a read.

More stuff that just works

Byteball allows you to safely bet on sporting events by making a conditional payment that depends on a match result posted into the DAG by a third party (called the Sports Oracle). It’s one of easiest ways to bet using a cryptocurrency. Our wikikeeper Slackjore wrote a really nice wiki article about it.

Bytes, balls, betting, bots.

Other noteworthy tidbits

This recap is getting quite long already so here are a few short updates that are still worth mentioning.

Byteball hired Jesus to aid us with his God-given talents. 
As of April 4 Byteball Jesus has been hired as Head of Digital Content (his real name is Paul Murray, but let’s stick with Byteball Jesus). Up until last week he had been helping out on a voluntary basis. When asked to make an official statement about his appointment he replied:

“I have spent nearly 5 years doing online marketing for attorneys. I believe these 5 years were a punishment for sins I committed in a previous life. The goal of my previous work was to make wealthy lawyers even more wealthy, which I will be the first to admit, was not the most notable of endeavours. My remit with Byteball is to help bring crypto to the masses through the Byteball platform, which will hopefully bring credibility back to my role as a holy man.”

There is another new token on the Byteball platform: WhiteLittle.
It was added to the Exchange Bot (type “pairs” to see it), and they created a bot for the Bot Store. Project website, in Chinese only.

Indacoin added Bytes some time ago, they allow you to buy Bytes with Visa or Mastercard. The fees are huge though.

Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 — Zürich

Tony & Steve attended this conference in March, the video was just released.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check out the Byteball subreddit and join the community. See you next month!