Getting Creative in remote working

For the past weeks, it had been tips, hacks and insights. Today, we are going to swap it up a little and offer you something more than that. A real life account. Thus, remember this, 4th July was an important date for Americans, 5th of July was an important one for us. It was the day, we introduced a real creative, literally, to what we have been doing.

Very fortunately, yesterday, we had a good friend and a founder of Cactus (video production) himself, Bao Shun, to film what is Surfing Suitcase about and the people behind it.

Baoshun, with one of the coolest hand-held filming tool I’ve seen.
Brainchild of Baoshun.

Cactus is all about start simple, be great. So for our good friend over there, after knowing each other better over a coffee, he wanted to help us share the story and vision behind Surfing Suitcase, and hence the long day of filming happened. Additionally, it was really generous and kind of Kith Cafe at Millenial Walk to have offered us their space for the almost half a day of filming. Thanks!

Kith @ Millenial Walk

Alright, that’s beside the point. The point is, we believe that if our readers had been following our posts for the past few weeks, they would now have an idea as to what remote working is about, and how it can actually be beneficial to them, along with some tips from us to help make the transition more frictionless.

Having shared with all of you a sneak peak into the concept of remote working and the tips for it, we want to make sure that all our readers, early adopters and change-makers are with us, for the betterment of your new work life, a full 100%. So for today, we shall give you an impartial and neutral account from someone who had been at it with us for half a day, experiencing how is it like working beyond office.

Actually, we just thought that since he got us for our story, why don’t we get him too, for his experience after working around with us for the day. We promise you that none of this is pre-planned, and this was just a jolt of ingenuity that happened after we had a couple of beer while working (;

Keeping it real and candid, it was filmed using my Samsung Note 5, along with my a little shaky hands. For starters, we got Baoshun to open up a little about how what he’s doing and how the day had went for him.

At the end if you hear it properly, we surprised Baoshun with the honest and important question we like to ask here. What do you think the future of work is and what are your thoughts on remote working? It was so sudden and real that we needed to have a break for him to be able to consolidate his thoughts. Like we mentioned, this is 100% real (;

And so, we had the answer a few minutes later.

It was really interesting, and a tad heartwarming to see that people are slowly embracing the concept and begins to see how it can actually work out for them, and how it is going to be the future. Use it correctly, you will feel like now you have more control and autonomy over your time and life.

Once again, we will like to thank Baoshun for following us around for the day and doing up the video for us to share our story better. Can’t wait for it to be ready!

Last but not least, as mentioned, getting an account from our friend was a stroke of ingenuity after a couple of beers, like this.

Some beer after work at Vanilla Bar

But that wasn’t the end of where the beer got us. It got us thinking, thinking more about an age old question that we have always pondered about. Though we might have tried it a couple of times randomly ourselves, but we do not have a conclusion to it yet.

Thus, we have decided to embark on the mission to verify this hypothesis.

What is it about? Watch it below to find out more.

Stay with us for our update and groundbreaking results next week.

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