Infographic: Suite Event Planning Timeline

Suite events signify entertainment, elevated. So it should come as no surprise that there are plethora of details to iron out when planning an event in a luxury suite. In this day and age, we’re guessing you use some sort of calendar to keep your schedule straight. (most of us would go crazy without one) But when it comes to dates and deadlines pertinent to planning your suite event, you can’t mark your calendar if you don’t know what to mark and when to mark it! Right?

That’s where we come in. Open your calendars! As your trusted resource on the suite market, SuiteHop is laying out a timeline for suite event planning to assist you as you prepare for epic entertainment. Whether you are planning to wow potential clients or just create an unforgettable experience for friends and family, ensure your event goes off without a hitch when you plan properly in advance.

We can’t help but agree with the late Benjamin Franklin when he stated, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Don’t let important deadlines pass you by. Properly planning ahead of time means you can sit back and relax your guests with a bubbly beverage in hand when the day of your event is reached. The Suite Life is meant to be enjoyed!

From inviting guests, to catering, to ticket distribution, missing deadlines could be a detriment to the perfect event. Don’t let your bash go off without adequate preparation. In addition to providing this Suite Planning Timeline as a guide, our suite experts are standing by to help you plan a memorable experience for your guests.

For more information on timelines or to secure your suite entertainment today, contact our suite experts at 1–888-SuiteHop or Happy suite event planning!