While You Were Out : Russia Annexed Crimea and Syria

Back in America the news have turned into a 24/7 Trump Twitter watch. If he ever so much as sneezes on the intern charged of typing out his next thought, that’s where you’ll find the breaking news.

It puts the “circus” into the“bread and circus”.

I‘m aware that’s not how that turn of phrase works.

Meanwhile, Best-Bro-in-Chief Vladimir Putin is doing what he does best : running his country. Preferably all over other countries.

It’s not at all coincidental that the Syrian government’s latest victorious push into Aleppo seems to coincide with America’s President Elect undermining his own office through nepotism, the selection of the swampiest of people for important posts, and his spat with China.

Russia is emboldened. I mean, wouldn’t you be?

With the United States on their side, they can do and undo whatever they want. Syria is just their latest attempt at testing international waters. Crimea was the first one.

There was outcry, sure. And sanctions, that’s also true.

Crimea was still annexed to Russia though. Putin simply does not give a single fuck.

Now the Syrian regime is winning the civil war with the help of Russia. When the war ends in the next few years, Syria will be ridiculously indebted to the Russians. It’ll become a satellite state for Russian interests.

And hey, since the UN has done fuck all, and NATO is dangerously teetering on losing their strongest arm, what is stopping Russia from annexing a few other countries as well? All their ex-USSR friends? Poland? Cause ya gotta have Poland. Finland? Hell, he could probably take Greece and nobody would say a thing.

International organizations are now showing their true lack of power and influence in preventing the next World War.

But hey did you see the latest Trump tweet about the Mexican President being Mexico’s top drug lord?

He didn’t. But you believed it for a second.

Are you following the queen? Where’s the queen?

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