5 Reasons The Nest is the NEXT Big Thing in the Tech World!

You have an idea that you believe can change the world — but you don’t know how to make it a reality. The manic energy is there, the passion and determination is there and, don’t be modest, the wealth of talent is there too. So, what’s stopping you?

Ah, the lack of a launchpad to build your dreams and take them skyward.

The perfect platform to launch your idea with a bang and get mentored and trained by the best of the league along your journey. Be it a work in progress or just a plan in your mind — if you believe you have that entrepreneurial bug in you, The Nest I/O is the ideal place to nurture that untapped potential and make it your identity! Brainchild of P@SHA and backed by support of Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung Pakistan and the US Department ofState, the Nest is steadily gaining attention because of its initiative to revolutionize the budding tech sector in Pakistan.

The Thought of it

The idea behind launching a place like Nest goes way back, and it was Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and a group of like-minded industry pros who came up with the idea of having a tech incubator in the buzzing city of Karachi. Joined by Partners Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung along with a very generous grant from the U.S. State Department, that dream is now a reality and stands tall and proud in the centre of the city spanning over a massive 6500 sq ft space.

The Feel of it

Just take a sneak peek into the office once and you’ll know what I am talking about. The Nest I/O is unlike any other office space in Pakistan, and the cool aura grips you instantly as you make your way through the chic interiors and colorful surroundings! Young entrepreneurs can nest in and make this place their home, and get access to a multitude of tech facilities as well as training boot camps, mentoring sessions and community events. Just think of the opportunities and avenues it can open for building your own brand!

The Look of it

Designed by a bunch of cool guys who clearly knew what they were doing was ultra amazing, the Nest I/O demands your attention from the very first glance. The creative whiz behind the venture Ms Jehan Ara, President P@sha and an enigmatic lady indeed, has infused her personality into every inch of the decor. The place shouts of vibrancy and energy and creates the perfect mood that start-ups and entrepreneurs need to get their creative juices dripping!

The Dream of it

The Nest plans to support over 50 start-ups during the first year of its operation and aims to provide co-working space to an additional 700 entrepreneurs. Plus, being a part of the Google for Entrepreneurs community, the Nest will also let local start-ups reach out and connect with over 30 start-up hubs around the globe.

The Reality of it

What was once a dream is now a reality, very much alive and in full swing — all set to change the future of entrepreneurship in Karachi. From support to guidance and mentor-ship, the Nest I/O is just what this city needs to discover and polish young talent.

Are you a start-up interested in joining the Nest? Apply now and let your dream journey begin!

Originally published at sukenarizvi.blogspot.com on January 28, 2015.

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