Explore Modern Sukha Mahadev Temple and its Architecture

Here I want to share my experience at Modern Sukha Mahadev and Balisankara.

The Balisankara town is situated in Talasara Tehsil of Sundargarh area in Odisha. It is situated 40km far away from region headquarter of Sundargarh.

The Sukha Mahadev Temple placed in Balishankara Gram Panchayat in Sundergarh District. It is one of the religious places and a modern temple in Balisankara. Both interior and exterior architecture is very beautiful and attractive. There are 18 Chakras on which Temple is standing. You can find a God in each corner of the temple.

You can see Two Peacock statue in west side that are really amazing. Entrance with Two Lion statue in North Side.

Finally, I entered the temple and pray to Lord Shiva which was self-made. I found Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Parvati statue inside the Shivlinga area. A Big Snake has surrounded the main Shiva linga.

There is a small Krishna Temple available on the left side of Sukha Mahadev Temple. It makes more attractive with small gods statue around the temple area.

It gave me worth to visit Sukha Mahadev Temple, Balisankara. I really enjoyed my weekend there. This temple is one of the best modern temples I ever came across.

Finally, I came to Balisankara Bus Stand at evening to pick up my bus, which was already booked by my brother using ODBUS — an online Bus Ticket booking platform for Balisankara to Bhubaneswar buses. Finally, I came to my workstation on Monday morning.

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