Self Validation is a compulsion.

Or is it? Only you decide. And that’s the irony.

Do left-handers jerk off with their left hands? Before you hit Google, was your answer “Eh, probably!” or was it “Hmm, probably not. Right is obviously more comfortable!”

Well, whichever the scenario, it’s so easy to assume what’s correct and convenient for you must be the same for another; isn’t it? It’s human nature, this thinking. It’s built-in in us.

Self is greatest; Photo: Unsplash
To feel as though what we are doing is the easiest and best possible way of doing something; Something as basic to human nature as masturbation.

Our minds have been programmed in this intricate yet universal way of sorts, which leads us to believe that what is most common must be correct.

You’re a girl; of course you cook. You’re a boy; of course you’re into sports. It’s a very basic black and white situation with us humans.

You’re a good hearted person, let’s assume for argument sake. One who wouldn’t hurt a loved one, who wouldn’t be egoistic when it came down to a fight, one who would love and respect and care with a genuine soul; A happy Joe.

Well, it has come down to a fight. And you’ve put your very best foot forward. You’ve yelled and screamed, insulted with all your fancy vocabulary, you’ve even called them names. And at the end of it all, you’ve paraded out of the room with a disgusted glare and the almighty last word.

You probably won the fight. But it’s a pendulum, you see. Each party sees the high and low quite instantly after the other.

While you unknowingly wait for your lover to walk back through that door you banged shut behind you, what’s your personal verdict on yourself? Can you validate your actions? Your words? Your slightest expressions? The answer will be a simple yes.

Not every win gives happiness; Photo : Unsplash

Of course what you did was required. It was nothing if not justified. How else would they understand the intensity of how very terribly hurt you felt? How your heart wallowed. And now you feel the injustice has been repaid.

See here’s the thing, what ‘I’ did, will never be wrong for ‘me’. Even if so, there shall never in my right mind be any acceptance of it, to say the least!

Oh and just to save you a trip to our beloved Google, the ‘jacking-off-hand’ is a person-to-person preference kind of thing, for right and left-handers alike!

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