Deep Inside

A Poem for the one you can’t get over..


From the first time I saw you

saw your pretty face

it was then that I flew

flew right up to outer space


My heart longs for you

all day all night

its like I’m living,

living in a world with no light


They say your gonna leave

and that your not coming back

aren’t I not enough for you,

what is it? this thing that I lack?


I hear your voice in the morning

I think of your smile in the evening

I can’t take it anymore

my heart its screaming shouting roaring


And when I saw you that night

my just froze

you filled the hall with light

like a bright red scarlet rose


Your adorable eyes

they’ll drive me to tell all kinds of lies

and your hair soo curly and nice

if that line sounded creepy..I apologise


Because your eyes..your eyes

they fill me with feelings I can’t symbolise

I know what they are flying deep inside

colourful,blissful little butterflies


No,no more I hide because

everytime I look into your gorgeous eyes

somewhere deep inside

a part of me just slowly dies


love oh love

you’re an angel sent from above

these things that I’m seeing..dreaming of

are all because of you,my innocent dove


Why is it such a mystery

these words pouring out of me

in the morning you’ll have a delivery

a note saying I love u

aren’t you in love with me?..

if you do there’ll be no wizardry

we were just meant to be

if you don’t then tell me honestly

cause I might just fall into endless misery


The day that i’ll be fine

is the day you’ll finally be mine

for you if I’d have to stand in line

I’ll stand till the end of time


I wrote this small poem for you

not knowing what else to really do

I guess that what i’m really trying to say is

that I’m in love with u

hoping praying crying

that maybe just maybe u’d love me too


This poem might be a fail

a..a hazy fan mail

will this actually work out?

or will it just be a fairy tail?

~Sulaimaan Salim

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