Let’s crush 2016 together.

This year, reset for a new life, not just a new year. Have goals so inspiring that you are willing to give up other things you once found entertaining.

The major reason most people are not creating the life they want is because they aren’t creating the life they want. The goals they have set for themselves aren’t their own goals; they are someone else’s. No wonder they don’t follow them up with any energy.

The only explanation for people not applying the right amount of effort is because their goals are too small. When you are excited, you use fear, effort, and energy. You only fail in life or business when you quit, and you only come up short when you don’t exert the right amount of energy.

Your mom told you to be practical.
Your dad told you to set attainable goals.
Your teachers, excluding the exceptional one or two, enforced mundane orders of classroom conformity. This leaves the average Nigerian living from paycheck to paycheck. Your parents, teachers and peers were wrong and the New Years resolutions have never worked. Trade in your resolutions for goals that are unreasonable, unattainable and that stretch you beyond average and ordinary.

Find that thing that you are obsessed with and then make that your life purpose, not just a simple resolution. Every extraordinary person you know was an ordinary person that became obsessed with some crazy, greater, unachievable goal — and refused to let go of it. That can be you. That can be me.

Edison, Ford, Jobs and Disney merely refused to conform. They became obsessed with making the impossible possible. The ‘greats’ did not stumble onto greatness, they simply refused to just go to work every day.

This is not the time for resolutions, small thinking, or to seek approval from your peers. Take this time to reset your life with massive goals that are consistent with the hidden potential you have been denying yourself. Great people do great things; not because they are great, but because they refuse to be average.

Regardless of our story, there is a greater potential in us. The greatest grief of our life will not be the loss of family members, friends or loved ones, but the loss of our own purpose.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 2016. Let’s crush 2016 together.

~ Abdulhaqq Sulaiman (Tweet @SulaimanXYZ)

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