Trademark Talk™

A couple weeks ago we gave a lecture discussing the strategic advantages of registering your business’s name and logo. Securing a trademark gives peace of mind to entrepreneurs who plan to build and grow their businesses.

Protecting your brand image enhances your company’s value. Crafting your brand the smart way begins with applying for a trademark, culminates with registration, and proceeds with enforcement.

At Sulaka Law, we have experience filing, registering, and enforcing intellectual property. Please reach out to discover the many ways we can help you succeed.

Michael Joseph Sulaka
Partner | Sulaka, Sulaka, & Sulaka, PLLC

Fielding audience questions at Trademark Talk™, presented by Sulaka, Sulaka, & Sulaka, PLLC.
The most powerful and successful brands in the world protect their intellectual property by securing and enforcing trademark rights, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).