Every one of us is familiar with the word Kindness.Now what does this word actually means? Probably someone from us would say it means Warm Heartedness, or someone adds more by saying to show affection with others like by helping the needy and many more like that.

Now here is the question arises and the question is none other than that as we all are very familiar with the word Kindness but are we applying the actual meaning of this word in our daily life? Or we are just satisfied only by knowing the meaning of it and not more than that.We loudly said Kindness is a Virtue but what to do with the word virtue if we are failed to apply this quote in our lives.

Kindness is a personal quality that enables us to help others and take personal actions to fulfil their needs.And this quality exists in every human being we have to just find this hidden talent in ourselves.Kind person is actually a blessing if you know a kind person,simply thank them for this blessing.Selfishness is one of the greatest enemy of kindness so try to resist this.I just want to say that despite of knowing the meaning of the word kindness try to implement its meaning in your life then see how your life changes.By helping the needy, complimenting someone,saying thanks to someone,give some money to poor etc all these small acts of kindess make you feel happy and you feel satisifed with youself by doing these acts you just want to take initative for that and then look how it makes a strong impact on your life it makes your life more happy and joyfull.

Being a human being I should practise these small acts of kindness and these things have make my life more joyful.Here are the few acts of kindness which I had done in this week hope you will find them interesting.

1-On tuesday me and my brother were having dinner in a restaurant while we were busy in having dinner,I noticed that a small poor boy was continuously us and I asked him what happened? He replied “Bhook lagi hai”. I asked him to come and join us firstly he showed some hesitation but after forcing him he joined and we ate to our full.

2- I also helped a man by giving him fuel from my bike while his bike run short of fuel and there were no petrol pump near about.

3-I daily taught my younger brother.

4-I always clean my room never forced someone to come and make by room clean.

5-Now a days I am also practicing to press my clothes by my own like I would not like to disturb my mother to make those press for me ,as she had a lot of other stuff to do.

The things I mentioned above does not mean that I am showing that how kind I am and a lot more. The purpose of writing these even these are not big examples of act of kindness is that I started by my own to practise small acts of kindness in my daily life so that I can make my life happy and joyful and in the end I must say that you people also practise those acts in your daily life and believe me that these can make a big impact on your life , I assures you had never feel such happiness before let yourself try to implement the actual meaning of Kindness in daily life and see how things will go in your favour.

Thanks for reading!

Stay blessed.