Meeting With Mentor

I have Many Mentor in My life who Helped me to reach at my best Level and helped me to all achievements. They all have a very deep influence on me. Many of them have very vast experience of industry and some have a long term exposure in education sector. So, I Made a list of all the Mentor and most inspiration among those I found is Sir Haseeb Jatoi. He taught me in Semester 3 and semester 7. But during these couple of months I learnt alot from Sir Haseeb Jatoi. So this time I wrote an exciting Email to Sir Haseeb For their time..

A Email to my Mentor asking for meeting…

Dear Sir Haseeb !

I hope you are enjoying with best health and spirit also having a great time with your family or at your office.Your career path is very inspirational to me.It motivates me how you came out of the time and challenges where you were struggling. As an aspiring marketer as well as a Lecturer, I would love to learn more about which skills you have used the most and what you would expect from an entry-level employee in your department.

I’m sure you’re busy, so even 20 minutes would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Goals: The goals that were in my mind that i would discuss to my mentor

  1. To know the mentor expectations and all the queries.
  2. proper guidance for my career path
  3. Wants to pursue my Master Degree Program with distinction.
  4. start with professor’s assistant to invest maximum time on research articles


which field best for girls Production or process?

you should where you are interested irrespective of its a female or a male. and second I would recommend you to go to process and R& D sector not because you are a girl just because there is more room of learning and to excel in your life.

should I first do a job or should do higher study ?

I think both are equally important. If you have a job in hand then do not waste time and just start doing it. But if you are wasting your time in job hunting than its not a good idea you should start Masters and I would suggest you to do masters first its now very compulsory and you are a girl and this is how you would join education sector that will be best suits you as well.

Than I wrote a thank you email to Sir Haseeb jatoi

Dear Sir Haseeb jatoi!
I hope you are enjoying with best health and spirit also having a great time with your family or at your office.I would like to express my gratitude for our meeting yesterday. It was both enjoyable and informative. I have really enjoyed learning more about what you do and would love the opportunity to connect over coffee to learn more about your experience with FFC and now currently as lecturer.
meeting with you helped me to figure out my current status and the career path which should I follow.
I know you were busy but honestly I am so lucky having such great 20 minutes with you.
Thank you 
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