Why I started Sultant - Jared’s perspective

There is a strong power in data and numbers and when wielded wisely they can be an incredibly useful toolset. From my experience in astrophysics and working with rockets at NASA, I’ve seen firsthand just how useful big data sets can be for shaping our understanding of the world.

In business, large companies take advantage of big data all the time to derive insights and increase the profitability. They have a team of analysts ready to crunch through numbers to show how they are doing and what they can do better. But, where does this leave small business folks who do not have the time or resources to enjoy the same advantage?

When my wife and I started a food company years ago, we sold products in grocery stores all over the country but we did not have much time for anything besides putting our heads down and trying to figure out how to sell as much as we could. Most small businesses are doing the exact same thing, trying to survive in their environment and maybe even thrive.

I started Sultant because I wanted to create a tool that empowers people and can make a tangible difference for small businesses and their decision-making process.

We are living in the midst of the information revolution, so why shouldn’t people be able to take advantage of their own information, combined with other data, to derive something impactful?

That’s what Sultant means to me and it is our goal to make it meaningful to others in the same way!

To learn more about Sultant, please feel free to check at www.sultant.co or to email me (jared@sultant.co) with any questions.