Questions from the Customer Success meetup in San Francisco

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Is Customer Success a matter of necessary evil? Or fundamental to the growth of the next big startup? Where is it headed in the next 5 years?

I went to the SF chapter of the Customer Success MeetUp to find out. Hosted at the gorgeous WeWork in downtown SF and sponsored by the lovely folks over at Intellum, the event attracted more than 150 folks who to wanted to know the same thing. The host, Junan Pang invited two Venture Capitalists who were former tech employees to discuss how their perspective has shifted now that they are in the investment seat 💸

Here are 7 🔥 questions that got asked in the panel:

1. How did you first interact with Customer Success before you were VCs?

2. From a VC perspective, how do you guide your companies about Customer Success? …

A brief from the San Francisco Customer Success MeetUp

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Is “customer education” just the latest buzzword for Client Success Managers ?

What is it? Does the idea have merit? Can any company incorporate it, or do you have to be a hyper-growth Silicon Valley startup?

The Bay Area Customer Success MeetUp got together last month to discuss just these questions at the Clearbit HQ in San Francisco. And invited some of the customer education leaders to fill in the gaps.

The Panel

Adam Avramescu — Head of Customer Education, Checkr

Alessandra Marinetti — Director of Customer Education, Box

Kristen Swanson — Chief of Staff, Customer Experience, Slack

The meetup was hosted by Junan Pang, the Director of Customer Success at…

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You work in Customer Success for a SaaS company. Everyone agrees that Quarterly Business Review (QBRs) with clients are super important to “show value”

But what does that mean? And how should you prepare, execute and measure outcomes? And exactly what should be on the agenda, what metrics should you measure? …. the list of questions go on.

To find some of the answers, I recently attended a Customer Success MeetUp in San Francisco, hosted by legendary software maker Autodesk at their swanky headquarters, which is part museum of futuristic design, part gallery of how their clients use their software to make amazing things from movie sets to electric cars to prosthetic limbs. …

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As someone in the role daily, I think Customer Success is the most important thing that a SaaS company could be doing. How could it not? Customers are the most important thing! And I love customers and making them successful! Everyone should care about customers!!

But I often forget that successful customers aren’t the ones cutting the check — it’s the paying customers that keep the lights on. So I decided to go listen to some Venture Capitalists talk about what they think about Customer Success. …

Want to create your first infographic but don’t know how to get started? This article will guide you through how I got over the hesitation and got drawing!

Note: There are many easier tools out there like Infogram, Picktochart and Canva attempt to make it easier to design infographics, but I like the feeling of starting from scratch.

Step 1. Pick a simple topic

Infographics can be of many kinds, so pick a simple topic if you’re just starting out. Examples are simple visualizations of some personal data (e.g. your morning routine, how many cups of coffee you drink), fast facts about a topic or a key workflow for your business (e.g. …

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For most SaaS businesses today, the ‘land and expand’ strategy is critical to business growth. The strategy highlights the need to:

  1. Generate interest in the product
  2. Convert prospects to clients
  3. Onboard new clients efficiently
  4. Drive product adoption quickly
  5. Reduce the risk of clients leaving (churn)
  6. Up-sell premium features or add seats to the license

While a team can be assigned to each of those functions, let’s see how a dedicated Customer Education team drives real impact across all areas of the customer lifecycle.

Let’s dive in:

1. Awareness: Drive Inbound Interest

In order to drive exponential growth, users have to be aware of your product. …

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There has been a lot of innovation in pricing from American companies in the last two decades:

- Internet giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook made the free-to-the-consumer model mainstream (they generate large revenues through ads)

- The prevalence of expensive bottled water (Smart Water) or yoga pants (Lululemon) proved that you can charge a premium for previously non-differentiated products

- The latest buzz in the industry has been around the so-called “Freemiummodel. Coined by Jared Lukin in 2006, freemium is a pricing strategy where the company gives away the core product for free, with the hopes on converting a small number of users to paid, ‘premium’ users. …


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