Moments of serendipity with web personalization

In the era of personalized marketing web personalization has become very essential in terms of boosting conversions for any marketer. Instead of serving plain vanilla website to all, the content that is tailored to audience can increase sales upto 19% and conversion rate up to 42%.

Benefits of web personalization include understanding customer, building branch experience, convertions, cross sell, up sell, lead nurturingall in all increase in revenue. So personalization should be part of marketing strategy. Its a common misconception that there is huge cost thats required for the web personalization.

So how does this work, Customers belonging to a particular segment or a journey stage can be shown some specific content. To make it more relevent for a particular audience, demographics and other personal attributes helps. Activities that user has been performaing can also be of great help when it comes to designing those wow moments.

First activity should be to set web page personalization goals like

Why customer retention? conversions?

Who is the target audience?

Where to personalize? Choosing a right place.

What to personalize ?

Different ways to personalize can depend on one or more attributes mentioned below.

  1. Geo Locations- Country, City, Language
  2. Behavioural- No of visits, page views, browser, search item, purchase history, customer journey
  3. Contact Data- demographics data, product interest, customer stage, Lead score
  4. Vertical based- Product is serving multiple verticals then depending on where they are coming from.
  5. Account based- personalization for a particular account in B2B world
  6. Predictive- depending upon various machine learning algorithms

Customers do not work in silos. All this can be done across different channels like Social, Videos, Mobile , website which again should be part of strategy.

Analytics is very important and should be setup before hand to see the effectiveness of the personalization campaigns.

To conclude this I think web personalization empowers marketer to provide most effective content and enhancing the brand experience.