Pinduodo (PDD) is China’s fastest-growing e-commerce company, with a market cap of over $50 billion, and 386 million active customers on its platform. Unlike it’s larger competitors like and Alibaba, PDD is only 4 years old, which begs the question: how did they achieve such a meteoric rise?

Growth in daily active users of Pinduodo (red) compared to JD and Taobao

PDD’s growth is based on their group buying business model, which leverages group chats in WeChat to encourage customers to share products they’re interested in purchasing with friends in order to achieve greater discounts. PDD’s demographics are also heavily skewed towards rural areas, with over 60% of customers living in third-tier…

CTrip is China’s largest online travel agency, with over $4.5 billion in revenue and 45,000 employees. It offers flights, hotels, vacation packages, and tours to millions of Chinese consumers. Decades of economic growth have led to 30% of the population now able & keenly interested in traveling for tourism, with the most popular destinations including Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore.

Over 14 million of these trips featured a virtual tour manager, a CTrip employee concierge available 24/7 via group chats in WeChat. These concierges not only aid customers, but are able to cross-sell or up-sell customers on additional…


Marketing via WhatsApp groups

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