Top 5 Unique and Seasonal Fundraising Ideas

  1. Custom T-Shirts:
    Everybody loves showing support for the organizations or causes they donate to. The best thing about this fundraising idea is that it’s cheap and easy. Simply purchase some t-shirts in bulk and get your logo or design silk screen printed on the shirts. This can all be done online now-a-days. Typically, companies or organizations with a resale certificate can purchase apparel quite cheap. We love this fundraising idea because there are so many different ways to put your own spin on it. For example, if you are raising money for your school or church; you can have a design contest for the children (or even the adults!). Then, the contest winner gets their design printed on the t-shirts! It’s a fun and quick way to involve people with your organization while raising money and awareness.
  2. Flower Bulbs and Flower Pots:
    This is an inexpensive way to raise money for your organization — and who doesn’t love flowers around their home or office? Purchasing and reselling flower bulbs to raise money can be easily done. There are many websites that offer flower bulbs in bulk. One of our favorites is / They offer a wide variety of bulbs. We love this fundraising idea because it’s another one that you can put a spin on. For example, purchasing flower pots with your organization name or logo on it. Another fun idea would be to have children and adults paint the flower pots! This idea is not super costly or time consuming.
  3. Custom Ornaments:
    A popular way to raise funds for your organization during the holiday season is by selling custom ornaments. This unique fundraising idea is a sweet way for people to show support for your organization or cause — and they get to take home an ornament for their Christmas tree! We love this fundraising idea because it’s not something everybody can say they have. There are many options in designing an ornament for your organization. For example, a Christmas tree with the year and the name of the cause or even an ornament depicting the building or a symbolic feature of the organization. One of our favorite places that offers this type of bulk ornament is We think this idea is a classy way to raise money and awareness.
  4. Used Book Sale:
    Most of us have old books lying around that haven’t been touched in years. This fundraising idea is practical and basically free. The only thing you have to do is advertise your book sale on your company’s website in advance and make sure people know about it. We think this is a great fundraising idea because rather than paying in full for a book, you get to read something new for a cheap price; and you might find a book that you never even knew existed. A pretty simple way to raise money!
  5. Pumpkin Carving:
    This is a great fundraising idea for the autumn season. The only thing we would suggest you do is purchase the pumpkins and carving tools in advance, as well as make people aware that you will be having such an event. We think this is an awesome fundraising idea because while you’re able to host an occasion for donors, it allows for some socializing time. This is another idea you can put a spin on; maybe have a pumpkin carving contest! By donating to your cause, people will receive a pumpkin and carving tools in return. We love this easy fundraising idea.