7 Nuggets of Knowledge & Joy for Moms this Mother’s Day

I LOVE Mother’s Day! I know that’s not much of a stretch considering I’m a mom and it celebrates me…but I really do love celebrating people on their “days” — birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary, etc. I love everything about them. And I think that’s rubbing off on my kids because like they love celebrating me on Mother’s Day more than I love being celebrated! It’s joy all around. And in the spirit of sharing in the celebration, here are seven nuggets of knowledge and joy about motherhood I would love to share this Mother’s Day.

  1. Pure expressions of LOVE make every day. The love I have for my kids and receive from my kids is so pure, sometimes I believe I can actually feel the blood rushing from them to my heart. I find myself going into their room when I get home from a trip to just stare at them as they sleep. I sit there…not in a creepy way…but in an awed way and look at their faces and think of how much they have grown and how amazing it is to be a part of helping developing into these little people they are becoming. It’s Pure Love.
  2. Lead when you can. You can really only lead, rarely can you force. Sure, I can force my kids to not watch TV or to go to bed, but I’ve found the best and most profound way to impact my kids is to show them why and lead by example. I don’t want to raise a perfect person, just as I am not perfect. I hope to raise kids who know how to handle the imperfect, learn from it, and choose to be better.
  3. Let them help. When your kids ask to help you with dinner, LET THEM! I get crushed by the demands of our daily schedules just like everyone, when I only have so much time to do this, or so much time to do that…but when my kids ask to help, I really try to take them up on it. It allows you to slow down, and really enjoy the moments you have. And it gives your kid a chance to learn and feel included in he family life. The same concept holds true if they ask me to snuggle, I drop everything and jump in!

4. Dirt doesn’t hurt, but neither do showers. Antibodies are important, but good hygiene is paramount! I stopped worrying about germs when my daughter wouldn’t let go of her blankie on a trip to the airplane bathroom...And that was reiterated when I turned around and saw him licking the floor at Target. So instead of worrying about creating a sterile environment, I focus on showering and teeth brushing and preventing the heavy germ areas I can…like our swim bags. When you find a game-changer product like the antibacterial beach and active towels from Laguna Blue, jump at it. It’s one thing to let the dog lick your face, it’s another to mess with Staph and MRSA.

5. Healthy snacks will be eaten if their “kid accessible”. If you cut up healthy snacks, your kids will actually choose to eat them. Especially if you don’t have a ton of the “bad” stuff. If we’re honest with ourselves, there are always days when it’s just easier to grab what’s there then “make” something, so help your kids make the better decision by providing accessible snack options — cut your peppers and celery, slice an apple or two, mix some granola together in servings. The healthy habits they form will help them make better choices for life

6. Avoid personal negative body comments. Don’t talk about the things you don’t like about your body. There are plenty of things we’d all like to change about what we have going on, but it doesn't help our kids form their own healthy body image. I try not to advertise to my kids when my pants feel too tight or my muffin top is accentuated in a certain outfit. I have heard my daughter say it twice, “I feel like I look fat.” It floors me. I don’t always talk Polly Positive, but I try to practice looking on the bright side of almost everything. It carries over.

7. Parenting isn’t easy for anyone. Parenting can be scary, hard, overwhelming, frustrating, aggravating, deflating, never-ending…the list goes on and on. There’s probably not a mother out there that can’t validate all of those feelings. I’ve even sat in my parked car by myself, screaming at the top of my lungs because I was so over-the-top frustrated. We all have those days when we wonder if we’re completely messing up as a parent. When you reach that point, go back to number 1 and number 2 on this list and trust in the love and the process. And then reach out to other parents and share…because your girlfriends can be support in a huge way.

This Mother’s Day, know that you are loved, understood and validated. It’s not easy, but it’s wonderful. Love to all you Mothers! Let’s celebrate.