Our Hearts Are Breaking for the People of Nepal

It happened 3 years ago, when my then 4 year old son was studying the world map in pre-school. He came bounding into the car at school pick-up and said, “MOMMY….I WANT TO GO TO NEPAL!”
I was startled…but then again, he is that kid that startles with his words often…so I asked him, “Why Nepal?”
He explained that he thinks the people are very nice and he wants to see and meet them.
I smiled and sat there for second thinking about it as I have also wanted to visit Nepal in a big way.
So, I said it. “Ok, Spider, you and I will go to Nepal.” For 3 years, at least every other week he has asked me, “Mama, when are we going to Nepal?”
When the earthquake happened my heart sank. We don’t know the people but we feel connected to them and our hearts were breaking for them.
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