Never Be Finished

To the guy who once upon a time I know better than anyone else.

If I’d be given the chance to visit back the past, I won’t change anything. Instead, I’ll ask for the seemingly unending chances to experience great moments all over again.

Those comforting silence between us when we had enough of talking. Those smart arguments about random things. You just didn’t know, I liked you more that way. You always had opinions on everything and sometimes I found myself dumbfounded with your sarcastic comments about people and things. Perhaps you didn’t know but I fell in love with you being that way.

I’m proud to say I once knew someone who totally knocked me down every time you noticed my flaws on grammar, spelling, use of terms and whatnot. I remember I once spelled wedding as wEEding. You laughed at me so hard I really got embarassed. But you loved my flaws. You teased them yet you treasured them.

Those exhausting fights we had out of your jealousy or over-protectiveness which eventually turned you to become annoyingly demanding with everything.

You had flaws and I had mine. We both knew that and that made everything fell into place.


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