Last month we sat down with several leaders in the entrepreneurial community to discuss what they believe the future of entrepreneurship in New Orleans looks like. A recurring theme among all of our conversations was the ‘next generation’ of leaders.

Well, the next is now.

These emerging leaders are fiercely committed to eradicating inequities and cultivating good character and values among their growing teams. They are uprooting old ways of thinking and replacing them with new ideas and approaches to problem solving. They have emerged as new leaders in New Orleans. And they have their work cut out for them.

Since we are committed to shedding light on real problems on The Distillery, we pressed these leaders on the next challenges that New Orleans’ entrepreneurial leaders must tackle.

They outlined some of those challenges (which we’ll look closer at later this year) and posed the refreshing question of ‘What is our own metric of entrepreneurial success?’

Our featured founder is Scott Wolfe, founder/CEO of zlien. Wolfe is instinctively committed to cultivating the next generation of extraordinary leaders on his growing team. zlien has one value that they especially take pride in. It’s called “the most important place to work.” Wolfe reaches beyond the bottom-line of his company to help each of his teammates develop life skills that can translate to any endeavor they take on. He wants to empower them to continue to do their best work beyond zlien.

We sat down with Rob Lalka, Director of Strategy & Partnerships at Propeller. Lalka spent his formative years working with entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa under Sec. Hillary Clinton with the US State Department. We are thrilled to have Lalka’s depth and experienced leadership to help shape the entrepreneurial landscape here at home.

And we hear from our very own Megan Kepper, Director of Development at The Idea Village, who is our guest contributor offering takeaways after reading The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Kepper has headed the fundraising efforts for our village for several years. None of the work we do would be possible without her. That’s why we call her Money Megan around here. And let’s be honest — we could all use a good read on teamwork. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, mid-level manager, or just beginning your career, working with, or leading an effective team is a critical part of success.

And what would the future of entrepreneurship be without technology?

So, we talked to entrepreneurs who are blazing new trails with their digital media and tech startups.

You’ll hear from Kate Gremillion, founder of Mavenly + Co, who’s online brand now brings podcasts, workshops and resources to young professional women in pursuit of their passion careers. You’ll also hear from Richard Carthon, founder of FollowMyCal — an app that could pretty much change the way you organize your life.

Wait for it.

We have all of the stories coming to The Distillery.