Connecting Livestreaming to Traditional Media

Our 3rd annual event connects the world’s most powerful influencers, cutting edge apps, studios, media and innovative brands. We are what’s next!

How we reach the world:

  • 1,000+ attendees are the worlds most influential content creators and content platforms with social reach in 100’s of millions.
  • Majority of attendees: Influencers, Brands, Studios & Platforms.
  • New Platforms, Tech & Tools are Revealed & Demoed
  • 100+ members of press from Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, Mashable, BuzzFeed etc.

We are excited to have members of the Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, Busker, Live.Me teams along with some of the brightest stars in the space… quite literally. We’ll have representatives from NASA (the first in livestreaming), stories from The White House and some of the newest tech shown in the world. Be the first on new platforms, connect to the press, collaborate with the world’s brightest storytellers.

Summit is the epicenter in which livestreaming connects to traditional media. Our attendees connect with studios, learn the ins and outs of reaching a larger audience and collaborate with new creator tools.

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