SummitLIVE Friday AGENDA

DAY 3: Fri, Feb 24th. (Biltmore Bowl)

optional yoga at 8 registration at 9

10AM — 10:30AM: Welcome and Announcements

Anker & The Busker Team start the day with a special welcome and some thoughts on how platforms are in constant change on this very special day with all of the apps. ANKER’S GIVEAWAY

10:30AM — 11AM: Television: Innovation, Disruption and the World’s Most Powerful Medium

Seth Shapiro

Author, Television Academy Governor and all-around good guy Seth Shapiro shares the history of broadcasting from BEFORE television to what’s happening as industries merge together in this new time of disruption.

11AM — 11:15AM: Avoid coming across flat — New tools in the “toolbox”

Industry veteran and President of The Imaging Alliance Jim Malcolm has developed and marketed digital camera products for Sony, Ricoh, Pentax and now Humaneyes Technologies. He’ll talk about the technology behind VR Video, the importance of 3D vs. 2D and show how you can produce compelling content for head mounted displays cost-effectively.

11:15AM — 11:30AM: Broadcast Analytics: How to Capture & Measure Your Audience

Ari Evans

Views, concurrents, and watch time only tell part of the story. In this talk we’ll discuss an audience data-based approach to broadcasting using real time engagement to augment pure content metrics.

11:30AM — 11:45AM: Future of Collaborative Content

Amanda Patterson

Join Amanda to discuss advancements in livestream technologies, and how they’ve triggered the demand for interpersonal engagement with creators. She’ll dive into further empowering audiences to be a part of the creative process, through collaborative content production, iterative journalism, and offering exclusive access to interactions.

11:45AM — 12:15PM: How Women Create Powerful Movements in Tech

Elisa Camahort, Amanda Patterson, Irena Cronin, Joanne Pham, Jenn Duong

From livestreaming to VR the most supportive communities have been curated by women. Join us for a special panel between the leaders of Shiift, BlogHer, The PeriGirls, Women in VR, Spout VR & Jolt VR.

12:15PM — 1:30PM: Lunch Break


Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now w/Kerri Long & Choir

1:30PM — 2:15PM: Interactive Live Streaming — Lessons Learned from TV

One of the most exciting promises of live streaming is not just engagement, but true interactivity. In other words, to make viewers an integral part of the content. In this session, Geert Faber and Jeroen Elfferich share practical experiences and best practices from the interactive TV formats around the world.

2:15PM — 2:30PM: Introducing ShowGo

Bubba Fish

Binge watching just became social. Join CEO Bubba Fish as he shares the most interesting way to share your favorite content via Netflix and social simultaneously.

2:30PM — 3:15PM: Social Media and Technology — A Double-Edged Sword in Human Trafficking.

ERASE Child Trafficking, Sandy Sparks, Karena Steir, Sgt. Marc Marty, Victor Williams of Homeland and @Ryan_A_Bell.

Everyday social media and technology are playing bigger roles in growing a business. However, brands and entrepreneurs are not the only ones using it to increase sales. Human traffickers are utilizing them to not only lure trafficking victims but to sell them as well. Our panel will cover what is human trafficking and how it affects our communities. The panel will discuss how technology and social media has become a vehicle for traffickers and how on the other hand it can be used to stop them. Learn simple ways on how you can use your platform to protect our kids from the fastest-growing business of organized crime.

3:15–3:30 Pay Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

Josh Robert Thompson

The incredible true story of how actor/comedian Josh Robert Thompson used live streaming to find a new audience, save his career, and face his greatest opponent: himself.

3:30PM — 3:45PM: Afternoon Break

3:45PM — 4:15PM: Syndicating Livestreaming & Amplification!

Andrew Graham, Chad Nicely, and Joseph Lazukin

Live Leap will be joining us to speak about syndicating Live Video, and the Power of Facebook LIVE. Meet three entrepreneurs who generate 7 Figures a year using LIVE Video. Live Leap is the 1st Live video syndication suite to be approved by Facebook, and has proprietary technology for going LIVE. We’re VERY excited to have them, and showcase their technology!

4:15PM — 4:45PM: Snap, Snapchat, Snapbot & Spectacles OH MY!

Kerry Flynn, Taylor Nikolai, Austin Iuliano, Justin Wu, Sarah Peretz

So Snapchat became Snap and little vending machines appeared everywhere. What’s the deal? Growth hackers, influencers and thought leaders discuss the everchanging landscape of Snap, it’s IPO and what’s going on.

4:45PM — 4:55PM: Introducing THE CALL LIST

Amanda Patterson brings the heat introducing one of the newest and most interesting apps designed to monetize livestream.

4:55PM-5:05PM: Introducing BRIDGE an app for Q&A

Michael Hwang will present ‘Bridge’ for the first time in the public. Bridge is Video QnA app with a bidding system, which lets fans directly ask their questions to their idols, and in return, idols can earn pocket money/provide direct fan service. It will help you monetize your fan base.

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5:05PM — 5:45PM: The “Agency” Angle — How Brands, Talent Agencies & Publishers Are Approaching Live & Social Broadcasting

Moderator: Jon Burk. Panelists: Chay Lee, Luis Rodriguez, Will McFadden, Joseph Walters.

“Ready for your closeup? Great….now what? How can you elevate your content to make Hollywood talent scouts and brand agencies enlist you as the next big?! Principals from leading talent & digital agencies like Collab Creators & Club Social reveal what they look for when signing talent & incubating creative; and ad agencies, TBWA and Ogilvy share how they pair talent with brands in this highly informative discussion that is a can’t miss.
5:45PM — 6PM: WTF is Snapchat?


Gini closes the show in the way that only she can… dropping the mic on Snapchat. Listen to an untethered discussion on where she came from and what she’s accomplished from her meteoric rise to Snapchat influencer and consultant.

DAY 3: Fri, Feb 24th. (Heinsbergen)

11:00AM — 11:45AM: The Fireside:

Moving to a world of live video and what that really means with Khudor Annous.

11:45AM — 12PM: Omnipresence: The Art of Being Everywhere

To be seen as an authority, your brand presence must have a larger-than-life brand & be everywhere. Marketing is a logistics game. Justin Wu of will share a systematic approach on how to achieve mass distribution.

12PM — 12:15PM: How To Fearlessly See The World Through Love Filled Eyes

Lizza Monet Morales

One of the most influential Latinas in the world shares tangible tools people can use to set themselves up for action, regardless of their field. Drawing from a very personal background Lizza leans on case studies and actionable steps.

12:15PM — 1:30PM: Lunch Break
1:30PM — 2:15PM: Getting Personal…

Moderator: David Gonzalez Panel: Mitch Jackson, Lizza Monet Morales, Mary Desmond

How have some of the stories changed? Many start out thinking they’ll be one thing and end up being something completely different. How do you adapt to your audience… to yourself. In the end, it’s about following your transitions. We’ll discuss this with some amazing people who’ve redefined their stories and themselves right in front of our eyes.

2:15PM — 2:30PM: Preventing Cancer Through Livestreaming

Leslie Nance

Follow Leslie’s story that leads her to uncover a passion that was sparked by tragedy. Learn to where to find that profound passion and how to make a difference with it. Hear about the meaningful connection Leslie makes with her audience, where she leads them and how she gets them there all through live streaming her inspirational message. TedX Style Talk with Leslie Nance

2:30PM — 3:00PM: Telling Your Story Through Travel

Jenny Inspired, Ron Pratt, Chelsea Votel, Brandee Anthony

See the world through someone else’s eyes. Join some of the brightest travelers as they discuss a life of GoPros, drones, cruises and food… and why sometimes it’s not as good as it sounds.

3:00PM — 3:30PM: The Musicians

Gijs van Winkelhof, Kerri Long, Daniel Roberts, Clare Means

Musicians are making money and growing their brand through social. Join some of the people that make their living through these means and find out their stories of Patreon, Busker, Periscope and more.

3:30PM — 3:45PM: Afternoon Break

3:45PM — 4:30PM: VR: The Next Great Platform

Gregg Katano, Steven Xu

We see the most compelling platforms come and go. As mobile continues to move we look to AR apps like PokemonGo and 360 platforms like Pie as parallels for Mario and Snapchat. Listen to a panel of experts talk on what’s next.

4:30PM — 5:15PM: The Future of Art & Entertainment

CS Murphy, AJ Morrone, Nick Ochoa, Robinne Burrell, Ryan Bell

Graphic designers, musicians, VR creators, comic book artists and multi platform creators discuss the tools they use and where they’re seeing content going.

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