The Perfect #LiveStream

The prettiest social media asset ever.

In an age of duct tape it’s difficult to build something beautiful. With the mentality of building an actual television-style show the Jay Manuel Beauty team (a Impala Inc. brand) focused on strategy and quality to create reusable content and an ecosystem for it to live in. They succeeded and created something sustainable and with purpose. Through a mindset of mixing old and new the team created “Must See TV.”

… here’s how they did it:

  1. Switcher Studio: We had 2 choices, Switcher and Wirecast/Telestream. These are the 2 services that create the most high quality broadcasts in live video but Switcher was perfect this time because it is, bluntly, more portable. We wanted Jay to have the ability to broadcast with multiple cameras and have graphics on-the-fly at fashion shows and doing whatever other cool stuff that Jay tends to do. It is, after all, an iOS app that basically turns a couple of iPads into a mini production studio for live streaming.
  2. Amplification Strategy: By creating assets to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that push out to an audience of 100’s of thousands we created some buzz. Then by utilizing a special domain JayManuelBeauty.LIVE we were able to push traffic to his Facebook Live broadcast. We were lucky enough to get Rightside, the owner of the .LIVE domain, to sponsor the domain and the broadcast.
  3. Treat it like REAL TV: with the help of consultants Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz, @Ryan_A_Bell and Mario Armstrong the team was able to put together the correct time to go live and to start discussions with Roker Media (Al Roker has always been a forerunner in livestreaming… and everything basically) about amplifying the event and Jay’s place in live video during the upcoming LiveFronts event in New York on October 25th.
Yea… stand out. We’re Summit.Live.

The finished product ended up being something amazing. After the team ended the broadcast the studio erupted in a cheer. We thought that a first broadcast would have a few thousand views… but it ended up being 20K. It’s funny, because you never know what you’re going to get with livestreaming (and social for that matter) but when you do something well it can pay off pretty big.

Use iOS devices as cameras to create a REAL show that looks pro-level

Periscope is beautiful but can be choppy or leave you with an unpopulated link and a sour taste while Facebook Live is just getting past latency issues and coming into its own. Quite often one can be a driver to the other. While this specific use case drew it’s audience to Facebook Live we’ve done things that have been successful with Periscope being the hub.

In the end, it’s about knowing where your audience lives, driving traffic, using the right message and sticking to it.

Build your empire my friends.