The Pie App… Snapchat 360?

Mmmmmm…. Pie

Pie has launched and it’s an interesting slice of Social VR… or Social 360. We’ve not decided if it’s kinda Snapchat or if it‘s something completely different. All we know is that it’s worth looking at.

After all, everything was V1 at one point

Sooooo… what is Pie?


Feels like Snapchat for 360 video, exclusively focused on User Generated Content.

Supports short 360 videos and a new proprietary format shot with an iPhone called a “slice”: (which is like a Boomerang meets a 360 GIF).


Team and investors believe that solving creation pain points is the key to winning the 360 video market. Time to shoot, edit, upload a 360 video/GIF on Pie is under 20 seconds.

Not a VR app — focused 100% on 360 video experience on smartphones.


6 VC funds in a seed round, including previous investors in Snapchat, Meerkat/Houseparty.

Female CEO, age 24, British.

3 co-founders (all European), met at Harvard grad school, based in San Francisco.

*For your followers or those without a 360 camera, not to worry. Check out the new feature on Pie that allows anyone to take a “slice” (it’s like a 360 GIF) with their iPhones.

Please feel free to spread the word, share this link Product Hunt Link to get us up-voted and let your followers, family and friends know the world’s first social platform for short, user-generated 360 video content is now here!

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