BLUESTAR AC service centre in Kolkata is the needle in the haystack. BLUESTAR AC is the one of the highest selling air conditioners in Kolkata & BLUESTAR AC repair is not an easy due to their complex technology in the BLUESTAR AC’s.

Blue Star Infotech Ltd, based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Santa Clara, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Malaysia, is a global provider of product development services, enterprise solutions and services, travel technology solutions and testing services with operations in North America, Europe, UK, and India. It is part of the US$700M Blue Star Group. They have service delivery centers in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Blue Star Infotech is ranked in the list of 2013 Global Services 100 companies as a leader Global IT and Business Process Outsourcing.

Blue star air conditioner at home.With multiple modes and convenience features,this white AC can quickly bring down the room temperature, giving you the perfect ambiance to relax.Powered with the Inverter Rotary compressor,it provides maximum cooling with minimum power consumption,and comes with an acoustic jacket.It can stay effective in ambient temperatures up to 48 degree celsius.Sturdy and high performing,this blue star 1.5 ton split AC comes with the hydrophilic blue fins evaporator,which prevents accumulation of dust particles and improvises the performance of AC.


Blue star claims that their ACs think and adjust according to the needs of their customers. The AC boasts a frequency change in the compressor to accommodate the right temperature on the room. It also reduces the ton capacity to the compressor for varying needs. This not only helps in saving costs on power but also ensures the compressor has a longer life. Thus this inverter AC from Blue star can save up on 30 percent more power. If you’re someone who lives in areas where the winters are severe, there is something good for you. The AC also boasts a special heat pump that can be used widely during winters.

Bluestar AC Power Consumption

The power consumption of Bluestar AC is at par with the AC brands out there. The numbers are –



Bluestar AC Build Quality

Advanced feature designed for your utmost comfort. Other air conditioners have only one temperature sensor on the indoor unit which senses the temperature around the unit and not necessarily near the user, leading to discomfort for the user, especially in larger rooms.

Operation & Performance

AUTO RESTART — Yes, with Memory Function
REMOTE CONTROL — Large LCD With Backlit

Bluestar AC looks

Look wise the Bluestar AC’s are pretty decent it goes with any kind of house and on any type of walls it will look good the design is not that sleek however it is less noisy and has a premium look to it.



Blue star has manufactured AC with a capacity of 1.5 tons & 2 tons.


Blue star ACs are one of the most simple looking yet stylish ACs in the market that cater to all kinds of audiences. The body panel of the AC is white in color and matches well with different types of backgrounds.

Air Filter:

The AC’s comes with several filters that ensure the air you breathe is super clean and free from all unwanted particles. There are filters like, Active carbon filter, silver ion filter, anti-bacterial filter, catechin filter and dust filter.


The controls that these AC carries can be operated by persons of all ages.

Speed of Cooling:

These AC’s comes with turbo mode that ensures the room is cooled in no time. It is very fast in cooling.

Sleep Mode and Timer:

Bluestar AC comes with 24 hour on and off feature that allows you to set the time you want the AC to function.

Noise Levels:

This AC doesn’t emit a lot of noise and is silent with 40 dB indoors.

Any Other Specs:

Other features include Anti-bacterial filter, inverter technology.


1. BLUESTAR AC service requires few tricks to increase the lifespan of the AC.

2. Scheduling your annual air conditioner tune-up

3. Checking for the correct amount of refrigerant in the BLUESTAR AC

4. Testing for refrigerant leaks

5. Checking for and sealing duct leaks

6. Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil

7. Verifying the correct electric control sequence and making sure that…. READ MORE