How to bring your app to on user’s home screen ?

Among the greatest achievement to an app developer or a product manager or a growth marketer is to make the user have your app on his home screen. If you manage to achieve this then you have won the battle. He is not going to uninstall your app. He is a loyal customer. You spend more than half your time on these apps. What is so special about it ?

Now as a product manager if you start thinking about what has made an app like moneyview or Cricbuzz or Wunderlist be on the home screen and try to do some of them in your product life cycle, then you would be able to achieve something really great.

So here’s how my home screen looks like and the reason why they are there.

My Apps

  1. Music — InBuilt — Mostly everyone has
  2. Whatsapp — Messaging — Mostly Everyone has
  3. Facebook — Social — Mostly Everyone has
  4. Gmail — Inbuilt — Mostly Everyone has
  5. Cabs — (Uber) — Travel — I am a loyal Uber user and there is no way that Ola can get me there. Though I have heard people buying smartphones so that they can use Ola. That is a huge achievement I must say. Earlier people bought smartphones to play games and now Ola !!! HiFi you Guys !!!
  6. Twitter — Social — I am addict
  7. Cal — Utilities — With most of my time goes in meetings these days, I find this as the most effective calendar application. Yes I use it daily
  8. Wunderlist — Utilities — This used to be my favorite app when I first downloaded it. Now I keep shuffling between Google Keep and Wunderlist — I just cannot uninstall this app because this has all my life lessons :)
  9. MoneyView — Personal Finance — If there is one app which gave a WOW factor when you installed the app and opened it for the 1st time, then it has to be this.
  10. QuickPic — Gallery — Find it as an OK app. Haven’t tried others though
  11. Instagram — Social — Travel & Food I love. So any questions
  12. Playstore
  13. PayTm (Freecharge) — Utilities — As much as I am a loyal Uber fan, I cannot call myself a PayTM fan because I go wherever there are better offers :) Come on. Even you would do that no ?
  14. Dictionary — Utilities — This is the least that I would use on the homescreen but given the use cases and my vocab skills I would always have this there.
  15. Cricbuzz — Sports — For a cricket fanatic like me there is no better app on Cricket than this. I love Cricinfo on any day, but I uninstalled the app because it didn’t serve the purpose. On mobile, the user is looking for fast scores, nothing much and Cricbuzz does it way better than others. This is very evident from the no of downloads for cricbuzz. PS — I still go to the cricinfo website and read the blogs :)
  16. BharatMatrimony — Social & Dating — Ok there is no category called Marriage that’s the reason it is here. Ok, I am not looking for a life partner, I work here in case you don’t know. But as an app we would not be in lot of member’s home screen for various reasons but would always be there in their heart as there is nobody better than us on this :)

So If you notice the pattern of removing Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Music and Gmail you would have only another 10 slots and nobody likes to keep their homescreen as full as mine so there are possibly only 2 or 3 slots. How do you get there ? What is that a MoneyView or a Cricbuzz can do to you which makes you have a permanent slot at the home screen ?

It is just that WOW factor !!! — Be it onboarding the users or sending the right notification or making you come back to the app every other day. They are doing it perfectly fine.

I will never uninstall their apps !!!

Always a build an app which your customer will never uninstall !!!

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