Ebay Description Writing- A Proven Solution for Ranking Higher

It is rightly said that-content is king. In a scenario when online buyers spend a fraction of seconds in looking for products, the way you present and describe your content can make your boat sail! For availing expert services, you can outsource eBay description writing. A catalog copywriter helps in framing persuasive product description that facilitate call-to-action.

While writing a compelling product description, the following elements have to be taken care of:

· Product Title- Buying prospects skim through a list while looking for a product. You have to put 80 characters to the best possible use for providing information about your product. Product title should be precise and consist of details pertaining to brand, gender, style, size, colour and condition. It is the most important place for inserting keywords.

· Subtitles- You can also make use of subtitles to accommodate keywords that are otherwise hard to fit in, in product title. Adding subtitles help in giving additional information about your product in a jiffy instead of the need to go through the entire product description for getting important details. Ebay description writing helps in aptly using subtitles.

· Detailed Description- An ideal product description should answer all the questions that might pop-up in the mind of prospective buyers while making a purchase decision. Crisp product descriptions help in informing buyers about product features and acquaint them with its uses.

· Keyword Insertion- Correct placement of keywords certainly help in boosting the visibility of your listing. However, over- stuffing of keywords that are not quite relevant to your product will not serve to be fruitful. For instance, while listing a Samsung TV using ‘Videocon alternative’ might bring irrelevant traffic to your website that might bring up site visitors but not conversion rates.

While providing details in product title, follow the order that is most likely to be used by buyers while looking for a product. For instance if the most popular search query is- ‘Sony 32inches Smart Tv’ , ’32 inches smart Tv by Sony’ would receive less clicks against the former one that exactly matches the search query, despite having all relevant keywords and details.

Experts at SunTec India have years of experience and expertise in offering eBay description writing services. For knowing more about our eCommerce services or for availing a free trial, feel free to write to us at info@suntecindia.com

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