HTML5: — One Platform, Multiple Advantages

HTML5 is the most advanced and latest markup language from the W3C. Although, its first draft was launched in the year 2008 but, it was in the year 2011 when people started using it. The tool is still in its development phase but is still giving a stiff competition to the tools in its league.

W3C is adding more and more features to this tool in their pursuit of making it more impressive than ever. HTML5 is the descendant of HTML4.01 which aims to diminish the need of third-party plug-ins required for video playback on different type of browsers.

HTML5 is a sensational technology which is supported by all major browsers. Numerous business owners around the world are implementing this technology for development of their business website. Other than being used for development of websites. HTML5 also offers a fantastic platform for mobile web application. At present, this technology is being widely used for mobile web development in comparison to development of websites.

We all know about people’s tendency of browsing internet on their Smartphones. Different Smartphones have different specifications, are powered by different OS’ and have different screen size. In such a scenario, if a website fails to deliver optimum performance and is not displayed on the screen properly, users will simply move onto a rival’s website. However, a business owner’s website will not land up in such situation if it’s built on HTML5.

This is the prime benefit of HTML5 mobile web development that a website will have a responsive design which means that it will respond and adjust quickly to all types and sizes of devices regardless of the browser and the operating system.

HTML5 is one such technology which has several uses. It has not only assisted in web and mobile web development, but it also provides a platform for mobile app development. There is not a single person in the IT sector who is unaware about the fight for the top position between Android and iOS. Both of theses OS’ are locking horns and enjoy a good share of the market.

If anyone goes for Android application development, they are losing out on iPhone’s market and vice versa. To enable such peoples to take advantage of the popularity of both iOS and Android, HTML5 was created.

With HTML5 mobile application development, one can deploy an app on iTunes as well as Google Play. This way they can reduce the development time and cost and capture both the markets equally well. Even the developers prefer HTML5 mobile application development as it eases up their work and also allows them to deploy a single code base on all HTML5 devices. 
If you are serious about going for HTML5 for web development, mobile web development or mobile application development, you should consider hiring an expert HTML5 App development service provider.

HTML5 is the latest technology on the block which can be used as a platform for web development, mobile web development and mobile application development. But, it is HTML5 mobile web development which is being widely used followed by HTML5 app development and then HTML5 development services. Hiring an HTML5 service provider is the best way to go for using HTML5 for any of purpose.

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