Improve Your Data’s Health With Our Data Entry Services

It is often thought that data entry doesn’t require specific skills. However, not utilizing the available data to its full potential would be undermining the importance of data entry altogether.

A company has to maintain huge amount of data. This data may vary from financial reports of the company, records of clients and maintaining mailing list to reports of healthcare institutions, etc. Most operations of a firm are based directly or indirectly on data (of any niche). If there is any discrepancy in the data, the resulting action taken can be detrimental to operations of the entire organization. SunTec provides data entry services to increase the usefulness of data in digital form. Our company being ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management, confidentiality of information is our prime concern.

Survey Data Entry: The marketing stage might induce a firm to conduct surveys to know about the taste and choices of prospects or simply to study their buying behavior. However, to process the prospect’s responses is not an easy task. At SunTec, we not only help to maintain the records of objective surveys but also help to decipher open-ended responses that help to delve deep into customer’s behavior and factors that influence it thereby enhancing value for money (in marketing efforts).

Rebate Data Entry Services: These services provided at SunTec are 50–60per cent cost effective in comparison to other vendors. Taking care of rebate forms and all the details of the parties involved can be very strenuous task. Our rebate data entry services aid in this right from the onset of the process- generation of rebate form to the point when final payment is made.

Mailing List: Since e-mail marketing has become a very important tool of marketing, there is a need for regular update of e-mail list. This would not only help in reducing the bounce back mails but also help in reducing unnecessary storage space. At SunTec, we believe in regular sorting of list so that the target audience can be reached effectively.

Claims Data Entry: SunTec provides easy handling of claims of different kinds including medical claims, tourism claims, etc. These claims are stored using back-up documentation like bills for expenses, physician’s statement in case of medical claim, etc.

Data Processing: Data processing services at SunTec help in digitizing information from various sources so that it is easy to access. It include a wide range of processing services like Image processing services, order processing services, market research form processing services, etc. With our expertise of over 15 years, you can assign us the task of processing your data and you won’t have to worry for it again!

Data Indexing Services: SunTec’s indexing services help in making navigation of important information easy. Catalogues, journals, manuals, books, resume, etc., can be indexed. Data can also be archived so that important information can be easily accessed in future.

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