“Here’s an idea, u might like POP music cause you can’t get away from it!”, Mike Rugnetta.

Do you really like POP-music? Why does everybody know the lyrics to the same songs? Does anybody really like this music? It feels like the music industry is forcing all this music through our ears. The music industry uses all its power to brainwash us with all those pop-songs and they’re making lots of money with it.

One of the ways the music industry is brainwashing us, is payola , the fact that large record labels get their music on commercial radio and television channels through illegal payment. The multimillion companies have all the power to do this, cause sadly, money talks.

Why is it that record companies can so easily get their music on radio and television by only paying for it? This concept is called “commodification in taste making”. It means that how harder it is to give something an economic value how greater the power of the intermediary gets to shape that value for us.

The intermediary, for example the radio stations, have all the power to choose which music is considered valuable by the people. Because the most of us think whatever the radio station plays, is meaningful. That’s why record labels pay to get their music on commercial radio and television. In that way the same music is repeated everywhere you go, at home, in your car, at the grocery store, etc. everybody is familiar with the songs and people will link the music to an action. For example all my friends will start acting crazy when King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar is played anywhere, because they link it to last week’s party.

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