Music or background noise?

Everywhere we go, we hear music. We hear music in the grocery store, in the car, at home. But even with our IPod on our bike, walking, running, chilling, waiting, …It stuns me how much I hear music but actually I’m not really listening to it.

Don’t forget to listen to music once in a while because there’s a big difference between listening and hearing. You hear music playing but your brain isn’t focused on the music. If you listen, you focus on the music in particular. Instead on what you’re doing besides having music playing in the background. Don’t let the music disappear in the background, sit back, relax and give it a listen!

There was a time the quality of music was important and we invented new mediums to distribute music with better quality. But that also changed. Since the world wide web we want to be able to be mobile. What means we want to be connected to the cloud. We want to be able to have access to every form of media on anytime, anywhere.

But we listen to it on basic headphones or some second-hand Logitech speakers. No hi-end speakers at all. So the quality of the sound isn’t that important anymore. As long as we can listen wherever we want whenever we want. Music is becoming background noise.

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