Dear Feminist,

I understand that your periods are precious. I understand that I am here because my mom was able to bleed. I understand that periods are the bane of your existence — a harsh reality you have to endure every month.

I understand.

But what I don’t understand is why you have to gross me out by bleeding in white yoga pants on LIVE video to prove a point that #BleedingIsBeautiful! What I don’t understand is why you have to sit on public park benches and share candid moments of your menstruation on Instagram! What I don’t understand is how come you don’t understand that what you are indulging in, is unsettling and distasteful.

If you want to genuinely educate women about menstruation and bring about a change in the way menstruation is being touted, there are other effective ways; and by all means, bleeding on camera on purpose is not one of them. How would you like it if we, men, jizzed in our pants and walked around, nonchalantly?

Bodily discharges like seminal fluid, faecal matter, menstruation blood, and urine, are not to be exhibited to the random for your own ransom, because you and I both know that there is absolutely nothing “beautiful” about them, as much as you would like to convince us otherwise, with your menstruation propaganda.

Note: I’m not a misogynist, a bigot, or a male chauvinistic pig. I respect women. In all sincerity. Also, I am nowhere referring to the accidental discharges. We have all, at one time or another, pooped our pants involuntarily, and that is okay.

Who the hell do you think you are?

That’s exactly what my wife remarked, when I sent her the first page of ‘Dear Feminist’ to her. In defence of my opinion, I said, “When we saw that yogi’s blood patch video, you were grossed out as well.” She replied, “Yeah, I was. But if that lady is doing it to remove the taboo of menstruation, who are you to question that? Do you have dark, dirty, disgusting-to-touch blood coming out from between your legs for five days every month? How do you know, how and what women feel?” I still argued, “Fine, let’s just be apes about it. You show blood. I’ll walk around with jizz-smeared pants. You want equality. There you have it.”

I tried to put my point across to her, however, she just wouldn’t listen. She concluded by saying, “It’s funny how you have highlighted that you are not a bigot, yet your whole theory and argument proves just that. Besides, ‘I’ can talk about periods. Unless you are a woman, you have no right to talk about a woman’s period. Period.”

And there I was, thinking, “If I can’t convince my own wife, how am I ever going to be able to have a say with the rest of the creed?”

Anyway, all I know for sure, is that my dinner will be cold tonight.