Benefits of Using Employee Meal E Vouchers

Most of the organizations in today’s time look for ways to enhance employee satisfaction. Employee Meal E Vouchers are something that can make the task easier considering that they are loaded with features and benefits. Gone are the days when organizations used to distribute paper-based coupons. As a result of RBI declaring paper meal vouchers as invalid, electronic meal cards have stepped in as a much better alternative. Employee meal e vouchers have made things a lot simpler for the reason that keeping an account of paper-based coupons was fairly difficult. What’s more, there’s an element of tax savings attached to these meal cards.


These vouchers help not just the employees but also the employer in one way or the other and to get a better idea on that, let’s go through the list of benefits mentioned below.

Ease of Usage

Managing employee meal e vouchers is convenient. You can send grants anytime with just a few clicks from the dashboard of the digital solution.


Some of the providers also allow these voucher solution to be customized with no trouble so you can set your limits and filters related to time and place of expense etc.


If taken from a well-known provider, they can be used widely for food and non-alcoholic beverages, both online as well as offline.

Tax Savings

You can make use of these vouchers to help staff members save more taxes, as they are compliant with RBI and IT rules. It makes sure that there are no legal hassles to meet.

Using Them in Office

They can simply be used at company’s restaurant or the cafeteria.

Warnings on Crossing the Usage Limit

Every time the employees make use of their vouchers, they get a message on their registered mobile number. This allows users to manage the meal vouchers in a planned way. They are completely secure and can be easily blocked if lost or stolen.


On the whole, if you are an organization that wishes to improve employee satisfaction by helping your employees save tax, then employee meal e vouchers can be an excellent choice. Opting for these cards would be a step to ensure that employees stay motivated and feel cared for as the benefits of tax savings and easy meal accessibility is passed on to them.