How to Design a Kick-ass Sales Email Template

Collecting a lead list and sending out emails is the easy part. The hard part is getting actual results. If your response rate is lower than 10 percent, you need to abandon your current sales email strategy and adopt a whole new one. Higher than this number means that you are not beyond saving. The industry benchmark for success is about 20 percent although it is possible to score higher. In whatever case, what you really need is to apply successful strategies to your sales email template to boost response rate. Below are a few ways you can achieve these ends.

Avoid the Email Marketing Cardinal Sins

Before tweaking your sales email template for success, it is important that you first know what might be holding you back. If any of these points sound familiar to you, it’s time to re-think your strategy and first fix these glaring mistakes;

  • Expressing too many ideas in one email
  • Emails are too long
  • Emails talk excessively about your achievements at the expense of helpful, insightful or entertaining content
  • Emails which are too casual or impersonal

Now that you know where you might be going wrong already, below are some practical tips that you can apply to improve your email marketing response and conversion rate.

Give Compelling Reasons to Respond

It may sound obvious but one of the core reasons why people don’t respond to sales emails is because there is no reason to. Bonuses, promotions and discounts are great ways to give your readers a compelling reason to respond. At the very least, provide a call to action. Further more, leverage recognizable brands and clients you have worked with in the past by detailing how you helped or the services you offered.

Create an Attractive Subject Line

It’s disheartening to know that most sales emails don’t even get opened in the first place. An attractive subject line is the best way to ensure that your emails stand out among the mounds of emails the average person receives per day. Spend time crafting and experimenting with subject lines to find out what works for your sales email template and what doesn’t.

Show Off Your Credentials

The same way you wouldn’t want to fly in a plane with a pilot fresh out of flight school, most people don’t want to be the first customer. This preference for tried and tested businesses is a struggle especially for new entrepreneurs. Mention at least one client you have worked with and provide a few details about that relationship and how it benefited the client. Create an impression that you know what you are talking about and that you can actually provide the services or products you say you can.

Parting Short

Email marketing remains as one of the easiest, cost effective and convenient strategies for digital marketing. Like most marketing efforts, knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it offers better results than simply sending out emails indiscriminately. Lastly, don’t confine yourself to only these ideas but rather experiment with your own ideas to find unique strategies that work for your specific business.