Is Employee Meal Card Worth Trying?

Meal cards have been in vogue for many years. They are an excellent way to offer meal allowance on a card platform. They function as an innovative saving tool that an employer can give to its employees.

There are many benefits of a meal card:

Enhances Employees Savings

An employee has to meet the expectation of not just the organization in which he/she is working, but they have to support the families and have to meet other expenses as well. In such a situation, meal cards come in very handy.

They are very useful for the high spenders who have a difficult time managing expenditures. These cards boost their savings in a hassle-free, paperless, digital way.

Accepted Widely

Most of the employee meal cards are accepted widely across many fine dining restaurants, food courts, bakeries, and grocery stores. As they are also accepted online, the employees can use them for online meal purchases.

Ease of Use

They are very easy to use, and that’s why an increasing number of companies are opting for it. They are electronic in nature which makes them very user-friendly and a preferred choice.

Easy To Manage

These cards are reloadable which means that anyone can reload them easily. This simple file based upload makes it easier for the organization to disburse it amongst the employees. It also comes with an online interface to re-order and to order new cards. They are easy to implement, monitor, and recharge enterprise-wide with the help of a simple file.

Alerts on Usage

Whenever an employee uses this card, she gets a transaction alert on her mobile. This enables the employees to manage the usage of the card in a planned manner. This leads to minimum administration hassle; it’s a new age, digital, paperless solution. They are secure and safe, and they can easily be blocked if they are lost or stolen.

Cares For Both

The card comes packed with benefits for the employer and the employees as well. If any of them faces any problem with the card or its operation, they can get in touch with the dedicated customer contact center. Besides, the online support ensures that any problem is solved within time and without giving much hassle to the employees or the employer.

Meets the Compliance

These cards meet the required compliances. This implies no more legal worries when it comes to meeting RBI and income tax norms.

So the next time you are planning to pass tax benefit to your employees, consider using the meals cards, and you’ll certainly benefit from it.

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