What’s In a Domain Name?

Your domain name is very essential for the success of your website. So it is crucial to have a domain name that is easy to remember and that can be searched easily on the internet. Here are few things that you must consider while going for a domain name:


When you have decided on a particular domain name, you have to first look for the domain name availability. It is quite possible that someone has already registered with that domain. If that’s the case, then you are left with two choices. First, you can try for edits that are similar to that domain or you can go for the same name with a different extension.

Better Search Results

Is your domain worth anything if it’s not searchable on the various search engines or ranks poorly on the various search engines? Certainly not, so here are few things you must keep in mind while finalizing a domain name:

- The shorter, the better. Long domain names are usually not good. They are difficult to type and can’t be remembered easily either.

-A keyword is better than not having any. The very presence of the keyword makes the name more searchable.

-Brand words are better. If your brand name is very different from the name of your domain, it may confuse the visitors. It is the very psychology of the visitor to search for the brand words in the search engine. If your site doesn’t rank well or is vastly different from the real world branding, then other websites may take the advantage.

Domain Extension

One of the parts of the complete domain name is your domain extension. The most popular domain extension is dot com. While most of the digital marketing experts will suggest that you should go for the dot com domain but in some cases, it may be possible that domain name availability isn’t there. You can go for other generic domain name extensions.

Geographical Focus

If you want to reach any particular geography with your domain name, then you can also consider for a country code domain extension. For instance dot-in or dot-uk or dot-us. Many multinational companies prefer to use the domain extension that goes well with the regional customers.

Summary, while the domain name availability is important, it is crucial that domain name is search friendly and easy to remember.

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