Why I think anyone who listens to music must get an mp3 player

Think of it like this. You’ve just concluded your busy day at work/school and you want to just listen to some music and relax. Well….too bad! Your battery is on 3% and you know that you need the last bit of juice to scroll through the infinite amount of memes on the internet. However, there is a solution to this problem! Get a battery bank!

What do you expect? Battery banks are heavy, big, bulky and ugly. No one will ever want to carry one around with them. Even if they do, they will look like a complete hipster using it with a 2 metre long cable and an oversized smartphone which can never fit in their microscopic pocket. I would recommend buying a dedicated music player.

“But Suneeth,” someone may ask. “Do they even exist nowadays?” My answer is, “Yes, they still do.” Believe it or not, people who appreciate high quality music (not that pop trash) actually do own countless audio players. Most of them have about 5 times more battery life than your regular smartphone. And these audio players can actually play back multiple forms of audio formats. Oh, and not to mention, they still have and forever will have 3.5mm headphone jacks so you don’t have to continue using that cheap, low quality dongle that came with your smartphone.

Photo by sgcreative on Unsplash

Let’s start with the basics. Streaming services, such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple music, are crap. They stream low quality audio to save data usage and also make you pay for music that you don’t own. If you are going to get a music player, you have to own the music if you want to play it. Music nowadays is very cheap at around $1.50 per song. Yes, this can add up to massive amounts but if you look around, you should be able to catch some nice songs on sale from reputable sites.

The next thing you need to know, is that mp3 is not the only type of audio format out there. Artists record their music at the highest possible audio quality available so you can listen to their songs exactly how they intended you to. Mp3 is a compressed audio format which means it has lost some data in order to reduce the file size. Listening to mp3 is ok, only if you are always conscious about storage space and have a bad pair of headphones. Think of mp3 files as a piece of paper. Then Fold the paper, crunch it into a ball and then open it again. Now try writing on the paper. That’s what an mp3 file feels like listening to. There are many uncompressed audio files to listen to such as FLAC. These audio formats allow users to listen to their music as close as possible to how it was recorded. In my previous example, think of uncompressed audio as a brand new piece of paper.

If you want to play uncompressed audio files, you have to buy a high quality music player. Don’t go onto Amazon and buy the cheapest thing you can find. Do some research first and find what suits you. You need to look out for the High-Res Audio stamp on products. If it doesn’t have it, then try looking at the specifications of the player and check if it plays the audio format which you want to listen to. Sony and Fiio are reputable companies who create High-Res Audio products in and around $200. If you are an extreme audiophile, you might want to look at some higher-end options. But be wary, some of these products can range for $500 to an unbelievable $20,000.

What’s the whole point of playing uncompressed audio if you can’t actually listen to it? To go with your music player, you need a nice pair of headphones (beats don’t count). I would recommend Audio-Technica as they have some great affordable and high end High-Res Audio headphones. Sony and Sennheiser also have some great options aswell.

I hope I have inspired you to go out and to enjoy your music with a dedicated music player and nice headphones.