EB-5 in India— Key Insights & Statistics

EB5 or “US Investor Visa Program” is helping many potential immigrants from India to fulfill their “American Dream” .

Going by the recent trends on “EB5” in India , with each passing year the number of “EB5 Applicants” from India are increasing at fast pace .

As per the latest stats there has been an boost of about 150% in the applications for EB-5 Visas from India over the last few years. In 2014, the number of EB-5 applications filed from India went up to 96 from 38 in 2013.

Further analysis of these insights showcase that a new genre of “ High Networth Individuals & Families” from India have been investing in a USCIS approved “EB5 Program” and are benefiting from the numerous privileges & advantages of US Green Card & Citizenship.

The trend which is fueling this change is the ambitions of Indians to set global footprints and in search of high quality & superior lifestyle which countries like US is offering to Indian EB5 Investor.

Beside this major “US projects” and “Local State Governments” along with Business Leaders from USA are looking to emerging economies like India to stimulate their economic growth via the “EB5 Investor Visa Program” and fulfilling the “American Life” ambitions of the affluent Indian population .

For decades , the Indians have look up to countries like Canada , UK , Australia for settling abroad but going by the “Cost Benefit Ratio” of the “US EB5 Program” the momentum is shifting towards EB5 in India .

Indians are also taking cues from success of “EB5” in neighboring countries like China which has become the major contributor in this program and with thousands of Chinese fulfilling their green card journey and settling in US , the Indian Citizen are also turning enthusiastic.

Beside this there is surge in the “Millionaire Count” in countries like India , China which is a paving way for evolution of the EB5 market in India . As per the recent study by leading research institution , the “Centa-Millionaires” (those who have more than US$100 million disposable assets) are projected to grow by 37 percent worldwide over the next ten years, whereas it will double in India.

As per EB5 data count , it was found that during the duration of the EB5 program, nearly 80 percent of investors have come from just five additional countries: China (46 percent), South Korea (17 percent), Taiwan (10 percent), United Kingdom (4 percent), and Hong Kong (3 percent).

But scenario is changing rapidly with the rise of number of applicants from Countries like India .For reference there have been at least 250 participating investors from 5 countries: Canada, India, Mexico, Iran, and Japan

Another interesting insight is the entry of “Leading EB5 Firms” into India and many “Top EB5 Firms” have setup bases in India to promote the “EB5 program & EB5 Projects” hence they are seeking to tap the growing Indian enthusiasm for this US Sponsored Program .

Some of these firms are “full scale corporate setup” with offices in major Indian cities — Delhi , Mumbai , Ahmadabad , Bangalore and to reach out to Indian EB5 investor across the length & breadth of the country who want to sail the “EB5 journey” and secure their “Green Card”.

These firms are offering bouquet of US projects under EB5 , leading experts advise that prior to planning EB5 investment it is better plan for “ The Right EB5 Firm” which has “ The Right EB5 Project” & “ The Right Setup” , “The Right Experts” , “The Right Track Record” to showcase Indian EB5 Investor the “ The Right EB5 Path

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